Fashion for the unfashionable: the beginning of a new fashion blog

To everyone reading this,

I feel people don’t understand fashion in todays world. Everyone want to be fashionable and presentable but yet don’t know where to start. Here is some tips that have helped me get compliments and start dressing better.

(1) Neutral colours will save you:

See everyone feels like that have to be adventurous (most of the time too adventurous) and be different, or follow a trend set by certain companies. Being fashionable starts with what you own, make sure when picking out what you are going to wear that you aren’t clashing, which generally happens with accessories. Having one colour that stands out with nuteral accessories complimenting your desired colour will help that colour POP out more. For example; if you’re trying to be casual (like going to school) pick a T-Shirt thats a viberant colour, wear some jeans (because they are neutral and match with almost anything you wear), if its fall/spring wear a black jacket matched with black accessories (belt, shoes, bracelets, watch, for women a black purse)

Black, white and grey are the best neutral colours to use as a accessory colour because they virtually match with anything,

(2) picking the right tie (for shirt wearers)

you can again use your ties as an accessory guys, it helps shows your sophisticated while can still be casual if worn with jeans, these tips for now are for beginners, later in my blog we will get into more complex matching.

for example, lets say I’m dressing casually for school, I’d wear a coloured shirt (button up) a neutral black tie, black watch, black shoes, black belt and a black spring coat, that way I’m keeping the focus on the one coloured shirt and its pattern and making the rest of my outfit focus on this.

(3) know your closet

I want to mention this tip because beginner trying to change their style or growing into a new style generally wont buy all their clothes at once, they will weed into this new style as time goes on, so make sure you realize what you need and purchase accessories that are more neutral at first, then work into whatever crazy, creative awesome colours and designs later when you have more to work and play with.

(4) Realize where you are going

Another big mistake beginner fashioners make is they don’t dress for the occasion so either overdress or underdress. Just because you are wearing a tie doesn’t mean its formal, but if you are wearing dress pants (not chinos) a dressier shirt and a tie when you are your friends are going to a pub, you may have missed the idea of what the occasion was, vice versa if you go to a nicer dance club and you show up in a t-shirt and jeans, you may have underdressed for this situation.

(5) Knowing who you are

My last tip for tonight is probably one of the most important one. Being fashionable doesn’t mean dressing like a GQ magazine if thats not the style you are into or like, fashion is very broad, so know where you fit and match your character, theres nothing like seeing someone that may be dressed to the 10’s in a nice blazer, jeans shoes etc, but they look like they’re a skateboarder. Be yourself and know what you like and the style you fit into and you will be way better off then trying to fit what you wish you were.

Last thing (I swear) add your own creativity to it, style is a creative thing, so be creative and add your own twist to things, people will feel that you are fashionable because your doing it, not just copying a mannequin outside of H&M.

Hope this helped and let me know what you think!

– Mark Santoro