Dressing for Everyday

Hi everyone,

I would like to apologize for being missing in action over the past weeks. The post-secondary life was gaining on me, but I promise to be more active and up to date with the weekly blogs.

Anyway, if you read my last two posts then you know that I am blogging about the importance of dressing well and keeping up with fashion. Many topics cover where to get started, how to look good, how to dress professionally and dress appropriately for every scenario. I hope to shed some light and give some advice or ideas on what has worked for me and what I do.

What I am going to do in the upcoming weeks is blog about dressing for occasions like going out with your friends, going to school, work and so on.

This week’s blog I would like to talk about dressing for a night out with friends. Whether it be out in the bar scene or just going out to catch a movie or coffee here is some of my advice to you all.

If you are going out with your friends to the bar, there are some things you should keep in mind before deciding what to wear that night. For example; where are you going? Is it a pub? Is it a dancing bar? Is it a combination of the two? Is there a dress code?

Sometimes I like to think that there is no such thing as overdressing, but unfortunately there is. Going to a pub with a full suit on does have its advantages because you stand out more, look put-together, and like you have your life in order. But, there are some downfalls. Since the fame of How I Met Your Mother many will recognize or assume that you are trying to pull off a “Barney Stinson,” and there goes being considered unique or creative. You also could seem like you have no idea how to dress for the occasion, and that you simply thought the suit was a fail-safe.

Though I encourage everyone to have a suit, I would not encourage you to always be wearing said suit. You can pull off the same distinguished look while being dressed in a more business casual attire, to just casual attire. I will offer some ideas on what to wear and some outfits that will allow you to bar hop — a fine balance.

First off, since you are going to a more casual sit-down bar, coffee or even school, it is more than common to wear a T-shirt, V-neck or not, and have a good one with the guys. Add a cardigan or sweater and you already have a great outfit going on.

I can’t stress this enough make sure you are matching all your accessories with the same colour: which you can find some helpful advice in my previous blog:


For our bar-hoppers, here are some diverse outfits that will help you look the part in most casual situations.

Here’s an example I have:


Though it is winter we see this gentleman wearing jeans, nice brown shoes, brown belt, nice shirt (where you can tuck or not), a coat, scarf, and toque.

This shows that he has a sense of style and dapperness but still is ready for a good night out.

You can also add a tie and tuck it in or a bow-tie like you see in this photo:

This way you still have a more dapper style but you are not overdressing the occasion.

Try dressing in chinos with a shirt and a necktie or bowtie, add a blazer and again you are dressing up for the occasion. You can also do this with jeans, which will still allow you to be casual but also allow you to be more dressed up for those going to clubs.

But what happens if you are going to a dancing bar or club?

Well, if you are going to a dancing bar or club, it assumed that you will be dressed up more. But don’t take the suit out just yet, I would go for again a different style.

If this is all you are going to I would suggest bringing out some of your chinos or darker jeans (solid in colour) or dress pants, nice shirt, necktie and bowtie and get ready for the night. The tie tuck is always suggested but the classics are always good too. I would also suggest going out there with colour and style, add a vest or a blazer to add the final touch, but if you’re going to be moving the vest may be more ideal.


These are some examples I found, but today this is how I dressed for just going to school and a casual day.

I wore red pants to show some colour and difference, grey sweater, grey shoes, black shirt, coat, belt and watch.

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