Dressing your head: Baseball Caps and Fedoras

Hey everyone,

I’m back! It’s been a wild summer so far, but I’m back in time to help you with some summer issues that I’ve been witnessing (and suffering through myself).

The fashion advice for this week will be about hats, mainly baseball caps, because I’ve been getting many questions about this subject.

I don’t think I could repeat this enough, but dress for the occasion. Like I’ve said in my past posts, dress for where your going — for instance, if you’re going to a wedding, you’re not going to wear a sports jersey, with jeans and running shoes (although, you should probably never wear that outfit in the first place).

Going to a sports bar where you are more casually watching and representing a favourite team would be a time to rock your stylish baseball cap. Going to work, church, a date or club is probably not a wise time to do so.

My suggestions for pub night with the boys or girls is to dress casually — no ties! But if you are wearing a baseball cap, I’d suggest you leave your tie for another night. Jeans and a tee or some sort of casual button-up shirt will add a nice touch.

Match the colour ofthe hat with the lettering of the tee, or even the colour of the shirt itself, or if you can the colour of your shoes. If you’re wearing a plaid shirt, match the stripes to the hat, and if its a solid colour, I would use a complimentary colour trying to make your cap the lesser of those colours, because it is an accessory.


Also, if you’re not a gangsta, put a slight bend in your cap. Few can pull flat brims off, and snapbacks can look cool as well.

If you really want to make an impression try sporting a fedora with a short sleeve button up (or a T-shirt) and a pair of shorts or jeans. This will give you a nice summer feel with a different style cap. Be careful, because fedoras do not look good on everyone


Until next week, Stay Fresh!

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