Fashion on a budget

Hey all,

This week I’m going to talk about how to get the best fashion for your dollar. It’s great if you can afford the Michael Kors, and Lacoste brands, Gucci or Burberry but what about balling on a budget.

First what you need to do is find a look or style you want to go for. SO this means look to those designers for styles you like as a base or starting point.

Once you have the idea go to stores like H&M, MACY’S, TARGET, WINNERS, JC PENNY,  BURLINGTON, and any other small boutiques that may be in your city. Places like winners buys styles that may have not have sold and sells it at a discounted price, which can even work up to 60% off a regular priced Kenneth Kole outfit (which was my experience). Though these tend to be last years trends.

Places like Macy’s or H&M, Forever21, and stores like these offer current styles at either cheaper prices or at high discounts. You have to be willing to go hunting, but that is fashion in general, make a plan and go out and get it.

Small town boutiques allows you to support your community get current trends and find newer trend that you may have never found or thought of otherwise, they may have cothing brands you have never even heard about or better yet their own, which will separate you from mimicking a outfit or shirt that many other people may have.

I remember I hated wearing American Eagle, Ambercrombie and Fitch and Holister because there would always be someone who had the same or the other style of the shirt you got to be unique, THATS WHAT FASHION IS!

Also sign up for websites like Beyond the Rack, Guilt, Ebay, and other websites like these and surf through. With the same concept as Winners they always have discounts and always have new deals, whether its mens/womens, accessories, shoes, etc.

Probably one of the best thing you could do is become a sale hunter. If you’re still looking to get the names and dont care about finding that different item, sign up for the email address, let them tell you when there is a sale on, look and decide if you like it. Probably the easiest way as well because they explain what is on sale in the email. With smart phones today you can do it at work, and if you work part time you can do it on break, it takes 5 minutes. This is just a small sector of what you can do.

Next I would make sure you stay up to date with the mall near you on their website. Generally they will advertise for the stores in your mall about deals, promotions and other events. A good shopper knows a good deal from a bad deal.


here are some problems you should look out for, especially for internet orders.

If you are ordering online, be aware and understand that not everything is going to fit the same, a small at American Eagle will fit differently than a small at RW&CO, so if you dont know for sure you should be cautious or know the return policy for each internet retailer you use. Same with shoes, though they have a scaling system it is not perfect.

To avoid this issue, know your measurements and go on the actual designers/retailers site and look at their scaling chart. This will provide you with the exact measurements and make your decision more likely to be accurate.

Also I would stay away from purchasing items that could look different on when you try it on. For instance, products I try to avoid purchasing online is Sunglasses because even in store sunglasses that I am positive I can rock can turn to look ridiculous. Another item I would stay clear of purchasing online would be hats, hats again have sizing but even less constancy then clothing, if you dont know your size in that hat, either try to find the sizing chart from the retailer/designer or just pass, because nothing is worse than purchasing something that doesn’t look the way it was intended to.

Another and most important cautionary conern is to make sure you have a pre set budget, because sale shopping adds up quick, meaning, just because its usually 300 dollars and you can get it at a total of 150 dollars doesn’t mean you should spend past your 100 dollar budget.

Enjoy your week everyone, hope you had a great Canada Day and 4th of July!

Stay fresh,

Mark A. Santoro

Instagram: Markitfresh

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