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This is a blog I wanted to do for a while, well something I wanted to write about for a while.

This blog has nothing to do with fashion, but relating business practices with real life and how a lot of things are similar and why understanding business can relate to a lot in your personal life as well.

First topic will relate dating and interviewing/obtaining a job,

Everyone has probably come in contact with playing “the game”.  If you have than you know that there is a tone of confusion where you just wish you could have some sort of understanding. Well guess what I’m going to work through a whole scenario comparing getting a job and getting a date and hopefully clear some things up! 

Meeting a girl/ boy is a lot like applying for a job. You need to find a job or significant other your interested in, you need to meet the right people in order to get an introduction, you have the first impression and first interview/date, and you either get accepted or rejected, and then you have a lot of work to do either looking for the next, or after getting accepted.

Lets start with finding the job or person:

When you go looking for a job it happens in various ways; you’re either introduced to it through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Monster, and all other forms of internet job postings), you could be introduced through a mutual connection in that industry or knows someone in the industry, you hear about it through word of mouth, maybe you were in the right place at the right time (happened to meet randomly) or you just have had your eye on this job since you were young, and I’m sure many other outlets.

When you meeting someone you could potentially be interested in you generally meet this person through what? Social media, a mutual friend, conversation talking about this person, or just being at the right place at the right time, or maybe this was a crush from your past that you happened to run into again.

Just listing these out I’m sure you can see the correlation. SO whats the next steps?

For job hunters or being in business, you’ll apply for the job, keep in contact with that person you met, arrange a meeting with this mutual friend to gain further information, and you will get some sort of conversation…

… with a person you are interested in you do similar things, you try and set up a date, you try and get a number, Facebook or some sort of conversation, or you get that mutual friend to arrange some sort of event where you can meet.

Lets talk a little about how you choose your person: For managers and business professionals the potential employees submit a resume which will give them a summary of who this person is, and how they will fit in the company.

Good ol’ Mark Zuckerberg did the same for our personal life. Everyone at some point has gone Facebook creeping, well that’s exactly like a personal resume, it shows the other person who you are, how you act, who your friends are, your interests, you can pretty much find out their whole life based off a Facebook page. This is good and bad in my opinion, sure you want to learn about the person and weed out who you think doesn’t match compared to who you think will, but it takes out the whole fun of dating and learning something new about that person, so I tend to stay away from the creeping.

OKAY so you’ve met the person for the job, and gotten contact information… or you met this girl/boy and you’ve exchanged numbers and you have an interview/ date.

SIDE NOTE: #sorrynotsorry it has to be said, “seeing each other” is dating without the titles, if you guys are going out and hanging out on DATES, then you are DATING. Don’t be scared, don’t make it bigger than it is, it’s just testing the waters and learning about this person and if you actually are interested. Don’t read into titles.

Anyways, now you’re going on your first real date or first interview… what happens… you question each other to find out about the other person.

Well interviews are made to find out more of your professional life, asking about your past, present work, references, examples of what you did in certain situations, what are your goals and future ambitions and why should they pick you over everyone else.

Its almost exactly the same for the first date, you ask about each others past, find out about their future plans and where they want to go in their lives, who they hang out with, share stories that would make them interested in you or vice versa, and why are you going to make them happy in comparison to everyone else in your city/world.


After your done with these interviews/dates you say your goodbyes and thank each other (in both scenarios) and if you’re smart you follow up with a thank you email/text for the interview/date.


Most likely a thank you text means they had a good time and is generally a good sign. A thank you email is more from the potential employee thanking the employer for their time and the opportunity, and gives another reassurance of why you were a good candidate.

So now the big question, how do you become a better interviewer/ dater?

Well lets take practices from business interviewing.

(1) Be prepared, don’t wing it.

(2) Be yourself (probably the most important point of this whole list)

(3) Dont lie!

(4) Rehearse know what your going to say, or have an idea of topics you want to talk about.

(5) Have confidence; its no secret that both daters and interviewer like to see you have confidence, but don’t be cocky. There is a difference.

(6) Dress for the occasion, in my fashion blog I did a whole theme on this, and it constantly will be brought up. (Link at the Bottom)

(7) Don’t stress, know what your worth is.

(8) Don’t fear rejection, if its a no just learn from the incident.

This is just the intro to what I hope will be a series of blogs about the correlation between business and personal life.

If you would like to hear more, comment, like, share and tell me what you thought of this blog! I hope you gained a new perspective.

Stay Fresh,

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