Street Style or Out of Style

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This week I wanted to talk on a topic one of my friends brought up.

He asked me “What do you think about an older audience wearing street style?.. people in their 20s-30s.”

I’m going to answer this question and go a little further with it on not just street styles but growing out of brands.

First let me explain how I would describe street style and how he is defining street style… I define street style as any casual style attire that you would wearing going to the mall, or hanging out with friends, things you would wear everyday not to work. Now i find this generally involves jeans, t-shirts, running shoes or sneakers, sweaters, hoodies, etc.

here’s’s definition: “any offbeat or avant-garde fashion inspired by contemporary culture of urban street people”

 What my friend is more directly trying to hit is style like skaters or urban wear, which I feel fits in this whole discussion.

Now that we’ve defined street style I want to mention my opinion. DRESS FOR THE OCCASION and STYLE REFLECTS YOUR PERSONALITY!

I did a blog previously about dressing for the occasion which you can find here: Dressing for Everyday

I’m a firm believer that having style correlates with dressing for where you’re going. Just because you wear a tie and a button up doesn’t mean you have style.

With that being said, I also do agree there is certain times where you grow out of a brand or grow out of a style.

I think clothes like A&F, Hollister, American Eagle, Hurley, Billabong, DC and many more of those brands directed at teenagers need to stay with teenagers. Though I think you can still wear those brands, but they cant be as religious as they once were. You need to use those brands and grow into new ones because I would assume you don’t want to look like the older guy thats trying to fit in by wearing what’s cool in the younger crowd.

Plus lack of variety, limits your style and causing you to be just another person instead of being unique. Having style is all about being yourself, being different, and showing an image or representation of yourself. So do that.

If you’re a skater than dress like one, if you’re a business man or someone in a professional setting don’t dress like a skater. It’s unfortunate but first impressions mean a lot, and you never know where you will meet someone that could potentially change your current life’s situation.

Let me give an example; If I’m at a coffee house and I end up running into someone who works in a professional career or a potential employer, they’re first impression of you is based off your appearance and the stereo types that follow that style choice. Let me be clear, I’m not saying don’t be yourself, but be prepared for a harder road in order to get where you want to be.

Or better yet, how comfortable would you be if your doctor came in with a tank top, fitted hat and camo pants, then tried to give you advice about how to be healthy or worse that you need to get a physical…

I think combining styles is the best choice; skater companies like Billabong, Hurley, Volcom Stone and many more make dressier clothes as well, they have casual and dressier button ups or even polos. Mix your style. I think as we grow up, depending on where we are deciding to take our lives, we need to take into consideration how the older generation see us and how they determine professionalism. I think in businesses like being an artist, creative design and other artsy professions there is more acceptance of an urban (street style) look. I always think dressing professionally or dressing well will allow for more opportunities, so wearing flattering clothing that fits your body type with the style you are looking for.

Question to ask yourself: If you were hiring someone and you met both candidates casually while you were out, would you more likely hire the person looking clean cut, or the person dressed like they just came out of a mosh pit?

This doesn’t mean you cant wear those brands or those looks. It just involves pairing it to your style. Wear t-shirts that scream Billabong, but mix it with a sweater or a vest. For girls its a little easier because summer dresses and other outfits don’t usually have huge branding on them, because of how many options they have. Men, its unfortunate but theres only so much we can do, we have button ups, polos, t-shirts, short sleeve button ups, and just different cut of t-shirts mixed with jeans, shorts, jean shorts, cakies, and suiting. This results in layering becoming an important note.

Ultimately I will always believe in dressing what makes your feel comfortable, but I’m going to repeat this again, BE PREPARED FOR THE STEREO TYPE THAT COMES WITH IT. As a more dramatic example think of dating or when looking for relationships of some sort (one night or long term). If you see a girl dressed more trashy than another girl that looks classy or sexy, more than likely the trashy girl goes into your one night pile while the other goes into your relationship pile (based only off first glances, no conversation), and same with women looking at potential guys. So why would this be any different in any other situation.

Here are my examples of how to dress up your urban style. Many more examples of my idea’s of Fashion and Streetstyle available on my pinterest (link below) or follow me on instagram (@Markitfresh).


Men’s Street Style

To answer the original question more directly…. No I don’t think dressing in street style or urban should be phased out once you hit your 20’s. I think it needs to grow and expand combining your skater or urban style while looking presentable. When putting an outfit together think of this; “if I were to meet my next boss today, would I be okay with them seeing me dressed like this?” a t-shirt is less presentable, but if it compliments your outfit than they will work, if its shorts, a tee, and running shoes expect the judgement that comes with it…

My suggestion for majority of dressing is trying to wear clothing that doesn’t have huge branding on it because it decreases the judgement from others. That is something that I personally like when shopping, though I don’t mind name brands either depending the message being sent.

Hope this cleared up dressing street style or urban, share, comment, follow for more!


Mark A. Santoro



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