Work Hard, Play Harder! with Little Intermission

Happy #FashionTipFriday to everyone!

This week the focus will be on working hard, playing harder. Now you may be saying to yourself, Mark wtf are you saying?

Well I’m sure many of you have a job, some 9-5, some part time, office to mall. Today I’m going to talk about those who have a job that allows you to dress in certain way and how to turn that from a work outfit, into a going out with the friends with minimal adjustments!

Today I am going to cover both MEN and WOMEN! So here we go, ladies first (common, be classy guys).

General tips:

When dressing for work there is some suggestions I have in general that will help you dress for the day and be ready for drinks at night!

(1) Make sure, and I mean, MAKE SURE, you understand what is allowed in your companies dress code. Nothing is worse than to think you are dressing right but everyone else is questioning if your heads one straight

(2) KNOW YOUR SCHEDULE! what are you doing today/tonight. Do you have a meeting with a prospective client and then meeting friends at a pub? Know what’s going on!

(3) Know the weather! If its going to be 95 degrees fahrenheit and humidity, I wouldn’t suggest you wear long pants and a sweater, especially if you’re commuting via public transit like a bus, subway, train, plane, or if your commute involves biking or physical activity.

Okay now that those are cleared up lets get started.

WOMEN: For idea’s of outfits you could wear, check out my Pinterest (link below) 

Know what is acceptable, especially in todays age you want to look sexy and sophisticated, not trashy and like you party for your job. Just because a dress looks flattering on you, doesn’t mean its appropriate for the working environment.

here’s some of the essentials for dressing up an outfit:

-Blazer; This will be your best friend (featured Item)

So lets make the perfect outfit cocktail; heres some different styles with a list of  the ingredients.

The predicament: Let’s say you have a meeting today where you’re presenting a proposal to a client, but later you and the girls are going to the clubs, with no time to go home change, shower and what ever else you need to do to get ready, what ever do you wear!

– Blazer

– Dress, mid thigh is the highest you should even attempt going

– short heels or flats

– matching jewellery

OKAY! First what we have here is what I like to call, Blazer sour: The reason why a blazer is so important is because it adds that professionalism to your outfit. Think about it, all business people have the stereo type to wear a suit, tie and dress pants.

So how do you turn this professional looking outfit into a downtown or clubbing outfit. EASY and probably the easiest of them all, take your blazer off. This is an easy way to have both class and sexiness in one. Nothing wrong with showing a little skin, as long as its not stopping at your upper thighs. AGAIN I can’t stress this enough, know your dress code. If it says nothing above your knees then either you will have to wear a longer dress, or a whole different outfit.

Now lets go on to the next predicament: Marrk I’m going to have to be in the office all day, but after my friends want me to go to a pub and have a few drinks and talk about our upcoming endeavours. WHAT EVER DO I DO!

Settle down ladies, I have a solution for that as well. Heres the ingredients for the Jackie and Coke night:

-Blazer (featured ingredient)

– Chinos/ Prada’s

– Blouse

– Accessories

Since pubs are way more casual than clubs, and work is way more dressy than casual you have to meet in the middle. The Prada’s can be dressed up and dressed down, dependant on what you are planning to wear with it. I would stick to Prada’s because from what I’m told they are very comfortable as well as coming in a variety of colours. If you have a black blazer throw on the white blouse, with some red blue Prada’s and add on those accessories (Personally I would match your shoes to your blazer). Then when you go to meet your friends, you can take off or leave on the blazer not being overdressed or underdressed. I would suggest flats for this situation this will also take away from the whole clubby look.

Now for the Guys,

For the first situation, if your going clubbing we have it a little luckier, we can go in a suit and fit right in, but if you don’t want to be too dressy or too under dressed then my suggestion would be, at work wear a tie and when you go out ditch it, at work a tie adds professionalism, and taking it away and leaving the suit jacket un-buttoned gives a more casual look.

In the second situation we will do something similar to the ladies, wear some chino’s to work, use brown accessories (belt, shoes, and watch) and use a different coloured blazer (Like navy for example) with a lighter blue underneath. Again for work I would add in a Navy tie or a neutral coloured tie allowing the shirt colour underneath to still be brought out. Cuff the bottom of your pants and there you go ready for work. Now what do you do when your going to meet up with some buddies at a pub or more relaxing bar, EASY. Simply take off the blazer, take off the tie, and leave your shirt, either untuck or if wrinkled leave it tucked in and there your ready to go!


Mark A. Santoro




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