Mark and Matt vs Fashion and Fitness

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It’s the most exciting day of the week #FASHIONTIPFRIDAY!!

Though this week I am going to switch it up. Today our focus will be on Fashion and Fitness and how the two correlate along with some gym wear tips!

To give you some health and fitness tips I have a guest blogger and a great friend of mine Matthew Waugh. Matt’s a fitness enthusiast, workout machine, he’s apart of #TeamTruck and helps me with all my workout plans I make and dietary questions. So to start off I am going to let Matt start off this blog with some helpful fitness tips!

Matthew Waugh:

I get asked a lot of questions on what “diet” is “best” out there. The truth is, I hate the word diet, because it contains a ton of negative connotations with it. There are too many crazy “diets” out there that end up causing people to feel worse about themselves, because they’re too restrictive and impossible to follow for a sustainable period of time — that’s not the way to go about changing your eating habits.

When people ask me, “what diet do you follow?”, I always respond, “I eat healthy.”

That’s it. Healthy. A diet does not have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be difficult to figure out, or make you miserable — and it should help give you the results you want. I eat from five categories of food:

1. Fruits

2. Vegetables

3. Whole grains

4. Lean proteins

5. Healthy fats

If it doesn’t fit into one of these categories, I don’t eat it! Plain and simple. In addition, there’s usually a lot of confusion regarding exercise. Of course, I have my own personal opinions on exercise, and I have my preferences in what I do, but the bottom line is, if you’re moving, its good. If you’re sweating, it’s good. If you’re enjoying it, it’s great! Personally, I concentrate on weightlifting more than anything else, but there’s no shortage of things out there to do. Find whatever works for you, whether its weightlifting, plyometrics, yoga, pilates, running, skydiving — anything! Your body and mind will thank you, because exercise releases endorphins (the “feel-good” chemical released by your brain during exercise). But the point is, if you like it, you’re more likely to stick to it, which means you’re more likely to get the body that you want! And that means that you’re going to look better in your favourite outfit that you haven’t worn since you put on the “freshman fifteen!” The takeaway here, ladies and gentleman, is that a lot of times, we get too much into our own head about health and fitness, when the truth is, we just need to make things simple. Eat the healthy stuff, and get yourself up and moving five to seven days a week. You’ll get that body you want, trust me.

If you want to hear more from Matt you can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (all links will be provided below).

Now I will add some insight on why working out is important to your style and fashion, and what are some things I suggest wearing when, as Matt said, “get your body moving.”

First things first; Why is working out and eating healthy important to your style, or to fashion in general?

In my opinion, and as I have repeatedly said in my blogs, Fashion is your appearance, your first impression, and I’m sure we all want to make a great first impression no matter the circumstance. Eating healthy and exercising not only slims you down and makes you “beach body ready” it allows you to have more energy throughout the day. This allows you to be more attentive and alert, while also making you a happier person to be around, which is all things that you consciously or not put out through the clothes you wear. If you’re having a bad day or just not feeling great about stresses in your life, most likely you will be more inclined to wear darker colours which represent the hardship or stress you are going through. When you are happy and enjoying life you are more likely to wear more colourful outfits and more vibrant colours. Now this is fine, fashion is an expression of yourself, but personally I like to have more good days than bad, I’m more of an optimistic person. Therefore I’m sure you can see when I dress, I generally like to throw in more colour. DON’T over analyze this, its fine to dress in the darker colours, I am just giving you an example of what I feel colour represents. This doesn’t mean you should leave out those colours and save them for when you’re upset, keep those colours in your repertoire for when ever you feel like you want to wear them. how you feel that day is apart of dressing and darker colours or shades will still look good and complement your outfit as long as you accessorize right. Though I always suggest trying to add in some brighter shade and colour with the darker ones to make those colours stronger, its all about balance my friends.

Now here’s 5 gym attire suggestions from myself to yourself;

Don’t be afraid to rock those yoga pants, shorts, or athletic pants, just make sure you know what you’re doing that day and what your preference to wear when doing weightlifting, plyometrics, yoga, pilates, running, or what ever else there is to do. But here are some suggestions:

1. Make sure you know what your shoes are for, are they running shoes, cross trainers, and etcetera.

2. I would focus on neutral colour pants and shoes (or your shoes to be able to match your shirt). These are something you will use everyday and should be able to work with all your workout equipment.

3. invest in the right shirts, a cotton t-shirt or tank top is great, but I’ve always been the type to use the right tool for the right job, so invest in some athletica wear from places like LuLu Lemon, Nike, Adidas, Umbro, UnderArmour.  These type of shirts will allow your body to be better ventilated and allow it to work harder so you can achieve your goals! Don’t be afraid to throw some colour in these shirts either like a bright orange or yellow, light blues, and so on.

4. Invest in the right pants for working out as well, board shorts are great for the beach but aren’t made to breathe or stretch like athletic pants will.

– Its like I always say, dress for the occasion and you will always be in style! Yes wearing a tie, button up, and chinos or a dress looks great but I’m sure if you were to wear it to the gym colleagues would have some questions to why you are working out in such attire. Dress for the occasion!

5. Dress comfortably!

you are working out for yourself not for others, work out in something that will give you confidence, turn some heads, and be able to move and put all your attention into your workout, so when you go out people can see your rocking bod and your stellar style.

I would like to thank Matt for sharing his insight on fitness and I hope you all got some great tips out of this blog!

Until next week, Stay Fresh Everyone!

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