Rainy Days!


Since today (in Windsor) its looks like there’s a good chance of rain and because of a comment I received on my Facebook Page, I thought I’d write a quick blog/ insight on my opinions on rainy days and the attire you should wear for this sort of day.

Here’s some essentials for both women and men:

  1. Umbrella
  2. Rain Boots
  3. Rain Jacket



I think umbrella’s are such an awesome accessory, you stay dry and add another dimension to your look while allowing you to: wear a blazer (in the summer), a shirt, a tie, keep your hair the way it was intended and try to avoid what ever else could go wrong.

BUT I am sure we all know some of the downsides of the loveable umbrella, strong winds render them helpless, and frankly some are just a pain to store (depending on the size).

My suggestions:

Treat an umbrella like any other accessory, when buying on try to go with a neutral colour OR go with the classic yellow or bright colours! Classic yellow umbrellas and any brighter colours are bright, full of colour, and really stands out and brightens a typically ugly/dull day. I would also invest in a compact umbrella, something you can slide into your desk drawer, locker, backpack/messenger bag/ carrying device. Lastly if its a really windy day, I would try to cut as much air from coming underneath the umbrella as a could, limiting the chances of it flying away or turning inside out.

Rain Boots:

From Google

Google Image

Rain boots are awesome for such simple reasons:

  • They keep your feet dry and warm
  • They are stylish in the rain, and can really be that stand out accessory



Some downsides:

I think the biggest downside of rain boots are if you work in a white collar or blue collar environment you’ll need to change into your “work” shoes, which causes storing and time problems. But I counter you with this; If you were to not take the extra 5 seconds to change your shoes and you stepped in a puddle and soaked your shoes, how miserable would the rest of your day be?



My Suggestion:

I think both men and women should invest in rain boots. Treat them like buying normal shoes, buy styles you like that will match your wardrobe.  I think the calf high rain boots look great and are easier to get on and off, but I also feel depending on your outfit (like the picture above for males) you should consider the upper calf as your limit. As for women please wear lengthy rain boots, rock show off those legs, and add another weapon to your look for that day, try experimenting with some vibrant colours!  Speaking of colours, I would again go with a classic yellow, or otherwise keep a “rainy day attire” and match all these accessories colour wise. I personally like the pull slip on rubber boots, but they come in all different styles from ankle high dapper looking rain boots, to heavy duty working in the sewers. I think my biggest advice in this area is TUCK THE PANTS IN! Tuck your bottom part of your pants in your boots, the whole reason you’re wearing them is to not get wet.




Rain Jackets:

NorthFace Place Apex Bionic Jacket

It is unfortunate that I am writing this blog, because when I was younger my Mom had such a struggle getting me to wear Rain boots and jackets, and I understand that she was right. Not something I typically like to admit!

Anyways, rain jackets are great, they not only keep you dry and warm, but like the rain boots on days like these they look amazing. Again the common theme in this blog will be it shows you dress practically and they will add another dimension to your overall look!

My Suggestions:

Yes I am going to say it again, Classic Yellow, or bright colours are going to separate you from the rest and brighten the darkened day (that and being dry). Though if your not comfortable in bright colours go with the neutral, these days you can get so many different types of wind breakers or rain jackets in different colours, different styles, and different fits. I believe in sticking to the classic because its timeless, but I also have a Columbia wind breaker/rain jacket that saved me in Ireland (it was extremely rainy). Ultimately you have to be comfortable in what you are wearing, but remember dress for the Occasion!

If you are looking for a place to shop try looking at some of these stores:

  • Columbia
  • NorthFace Place
  • EchoRain (women)
  • or Store that are more athletic, for adventurists or geared to outdoor sports such as fishing, camping, hiking, and much more.

Stay Dry, Stay Fresh,

Mark A. Santoro

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