New York City Trip and Fashion Tips

Happy Friday, we made it to the end of the week and another #FashionTipFriday!

If you haven’t heard last weekend I took a trip with my sister and Dad to the fashion capital city of North American, NEW WORK CITY!

Obviously this was beyond an exciting trip, and that week the build up of energy I had was through the roof. This was my first time visiting NYC so I thought this blog would be about my trip and the difference in fashion I saw.

This whole trip was a action packed trip from the get go, I had to work on Thursday and we flew out Friday at 6am meaning I was going to have to be up by at least 4am. Now if you know me you know I’m a professional sleeper, but terrible at the awaking process, and I am amazing at last minute packing. Anyways, I get off after work to go pack for my adventure, half way through I realize I should go grab my passport. Well, my passport wasn’t there so for the next 2 hours I turned my house upside down, looking everywhere, to find it literally in a different bag I had used the last time I needed it. I can actually show you the expression I had on my face: -_-

Now lets fast forward to when I actually got into New York. IT WAS AMAZING, and everything there is done to the tens! My sister and I right off the plane started adventuring around the city, going to time square, up and down 7th (fashion) avenue, we walked down broadway, and just other random streets just to get a taste of what the New York life was like.

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Fashion Avenue and 5th street was amazing! I went to so many different stores, some I never heard of before and some that I love to go into. Either way no matter the store they were all huge, at least 3 levels each. Being from Windsor this is a rare experience for me to have, and I don’t think I’ve ever gone into so many stores and tried on so many clothes in a two day period. Contrary to mosts beliefs, I found everyone in New York to be extremely friendly, and I’m not talking about people in the stores but just general people. Since my sister and I were adventuring through the city we had gotten lost a couple times trying to find which direction we needed to go to get back to 7th which was how we knew how to get back to our hotel. Walking up and down the streets it was really strange for me because you saw so many different people, dressed in so many different ways but always pulling them off well. Things that I would never have touched here in Windsor I saw there, or styles/clothes I wanted to pair in a similar way they did there. It truly is a creative city inspiring everyone to bring their a game and encourages creativity. I think my advice for all reading this blog this week is not to be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Try on things you never think would look good on you, reach out to different colours, try wearing a bracelet, just wear things that may be not in the norm of where you live, but could be pushing some sort of edge.

Going to New York allowed me to reach more of my creative side and try to do something I would normally not do in Windsor, and I will be back to New York soon.

P.S. The restaurants there are amazing, save your cab money and walk to a restaurant just on the street, I would be surprised and would have some questions if you didn’t enjoy it!

Hope you all had a great week, and sorry that last weeks blog came a little earlier than expected!

Stay Fresh,

Mark A. Santoro




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