Tie’s or Bowtie’s?

Hello Fashion Fiends!

This weeks theme for Fashion Tip Friday is going to be Tie’s VS Bowtie’s but the difference is I want to hear what you think and which you like better! Leave a comment or personal message on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress or “@” me on Instagram or Twitter with a picture of your outfit with a tie or bow tie ORRR both and #FashionTipFriday !

So let’s get right into it!


Note the layers as well: http://www.pinterest.com/markasantoro

For those who are unsure; “a tie is a long piece of cloth worn for decorative purposes around the neck or shoulders, resting under the shirt collar and knotted at the throat.”Wikipedia

They are used for dressing both casually or with dress attire and are used by many ranging from friend getting together to business men working at the office or in a meeting. There is all sorts of styles such as, fat or skinny ties, meaning the cloth covering the buttons of your shirt is either wider as the tie goes down, or consistently stays skinner, I think you can figure out which is which. They also come in all different types of patterns and colours, and all different type of materials like, cotton (generally would be worn more casually) or silk (generally worn more formally).

Tie’s or Necktie’s are a great accessory for adding a preppier or well dressed look, or a more business look to your attire depending on the scenario you are in.

Setting the scene: You are going to a pub but want to steer away from the classic “denim and graphic tee”.

Try this: Plaid button up shirt, Plain neutral coloured (black, white, grey, navy, and so on), Chino’s/ denim, and accessories matching your tie (shoes, belt, watch, bracelet)

Ties can be used either to dress up or dress down your outfit, just make sure you are using the proper tie for the proper situation. That means NO cotton ties with a suit and PLEASE do NOT wear a clip on tie, take the time to search youtube, ask your Dad, your sister, or even me how to tie one and the different knots you can use.




Now the challenger….


For those who are unaware, bowtie’s are:

“a type of men’s necktie. It consists of a ribbon of fabric tied around the collar in a symmetrical manner such that the two opposite ends form loops. Ready-tied bow ties are available, in which the distinctive bow is sewn and a band goes around the neck and clips to secure.”Wikipedia

Bowtie’s again are generally a very formal event attire, typically worn to “black tie” event and other events that are very elegant and dressy for example weddings.

BUT of course you can wear them casually as well. Although the same rules we made for the tie’s would also apply to the bowtie’s. The rules being; if its cotton made use it as casual accessory. If it’s silk or a nicer piece of fabric then use for a dressier occasion. I would not suggest wearing a bowtie to a business meeting with a suit like you could with a tie, BUT I would say you can wear it business casually:

Same situation as the tie: I would do the exact same thing as before but add suspenders, or if it is cooler out (since fall is approaching) I would add a layer overtop (THAT MATCHES THE COLOUR OF THE BOWTIE) such as a cardigan or a v-neck sweater. But for the bar I would add denim or chinos and for a business casual look I would add chinos and tuck in the button up shirt.

Again you get a more sophisticated, or scholarly look just by adding a simple accessory.

If you have any further questions or are interested in more idea’s for tie’s or bowtie’s leave a comment or message me personally, and don’t forget to send me pictures of your outfits you wore with either a tie or a bowtie and hashtag #FashionTipFriday

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