Closet Organization

Hello Santorials, it’s that time of the week… #FASHIONTIPFRIDAY!

Todays blog is going to be about closet space and how to organize that space in order to maximize that space and save time in the morning when choosing an outfit. I’ll also mention on what time is the best for picking your outfit.

Closet and drawer space:

Every closet is different sizes different styles and different dimensions so note that this is based off my closet.

When I put my clothes away I have a system, I have 4 hanging stations, and 4 drawers to work with.

Firstly lets speak on clothes organization:

I prefer to organize my closet by colour, hanging up all my button shirts, polos, pants, jackets, and certain sweaters. I fold all my T-shirts, thinner sweaters, athletic wear, unmentionables, socks and undershirts.


Hanging Items:

How do I organize the order of the clothes that are hanging?

I start with my ties, bow ties, suspenders and dress belts and I have a hanger for these. I like to have these hanging in the front because I can see them all because I like to decided what accessory I am going to wear before I decide the rest of my outfit. There is no particular colour scheme or order for this because they are all and they are the first thing I pick out so I expect to go through them.

Next I have all of my dress shirt hanging and casual button shirts. I have these arranged by colour under the ROYGBIV colour scheme. This makes it easier to see and makes sense to how colours are generally laid out making it easy to sort through. I also do the same for my polos, sweaters, and pants. The reason for the pants is because then they all are lined up with the shirts that I have hanging.



Drawer Items:

These I don’t have a colour scheme for I use a different method. For T-Shirts I sort them as followed; Drawer 1: Graphic Tees, Drawer 2: Is non-graphic Tees and V-necks and in Drawer 3 are all of my thinner sweaters. In my other closet I have all my working out T-shirts in 2 drawers because before my second year of university I was an international karate competitor, so the amount of athletica wear has grown substantially over those 7 years. I also have all my sweat pants in another drawer to make sure when I’ve a long day, they are ready to be thrown on! The same goes for my unmentionables and undershirts, no order just make sure they’re ready when needed. When It comes to socks I separate them between business and  casual. I also have another drawer for my neckless’, another drawer for my casual belts and my bracelets.

I also have a tree stand (a stand that looks like a tree, or a bush…) where I place all my shoes on as well. Other people I know use stands or other space for the same purpose!

overall this will help you be more efficient in the morning and will most likely help you get your morning breakfast in, or the second cup of coffee. Speaking on this lets now talk about preparation. In the morning is a tough time, for people like me who love they’re sleep and getting a good breakfast in means that something has to give. Don’t worry I have a simple solution! After your done getting ready for bed, take ten minutes to decide what you are going to wear tomorrow, plan it out and have it ready for the morning so it’s just putting on your clothes, and getting your day started!

I hope this helped all of you Santorials with your morning and organization! Post your pictures to and #FashionTipFriday or #Santorials to show off your closet, and don’t forget to leave your comments below!

Until next week keep it Fresh Santorials,

Mark A. Santoro


Twitter: @MarrkSantoro


Instagram: @Markitfresh