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This weeks blog is about fashioning your hair. Just like anything in your look you need to make sure your hair is up to date and in with whats in, the old as my mom would say “pig pen” look is out and long live the GQ clean cut look. If you look in any magazines you will see the rebirth of the Pompadour, Comb over, and other clean cut or clean looking hair styles.

As I’ve said before, perception is part of style, so here are some examples to bring to your barber or hair stylist at next cut!

Men’s Hair Styles (taken from Askmen: Mens Hairstyles Women Love)

Ashton Kutcher

  • Shaggy Layers: Ashton Kutcher is famous for this look in Two and a Half Men. It’s a clean, long cut thats low maintenance and gives that easy going look.


  • Square Cut: As worn by Drake, is a very clean no problem hair cut, take a shower and go, this cut will look great in all scenario’s.

Ryan Reynolds

  • Front Wave: The front wave is another haircut that is being brought back from the old days. A retro hairstyle if you would gives that fresh business chic that shows you know what your doing.

Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Slicked Back: A more elegant hairstyle better worn for formal parties like gala’s or weddings. This can be paired with the wave hairstyle to gain that different look!

Short and Even

  • Short & Even: This is a clean cut causal look. Minimal maintenance is needed and you’ll be ready to go no matter the occasion.

James Franco

  • Natural Curls: Like James Franco, is just for curly haired males ONLY. It’s just like it sounds, just let the curls free! natural is always best.


  • Pompadour: as rocked by Bruno Mars or if you want to go back later by Elvis is the perfect sophisticated look that has now been modernized. You can wear it shorter or longer but having it longer gives more of the curl over in the back, and if you have curly hair it generally will curl back.

Remember men your hair is an extension of your face so though you may like a certain hairstyle it may not work with your facial features, so it is important when deciding you look at similar facial structures.

Women’s Hair Styles

Miley Cyrus: Super Short

  • Super Short: this is where you see more of the spiked hair, or side parted hair. Depending on the female it think they can look really great! Celebs like Miley Cyrus are currently wearing this hair cut, and some may disagree but I applaud her for doing it, and doing it well!

Rhianna: Short Hair

  • Short: This is your mid-neck haircut! Can look very cute and has that elegance and shows off your great neck and collar bones.

Medium Hair

  • Medium: The shoulder length haircut, allows your to have the flexibility of some long hair buns and pony’s along with the short haircut “easiness” all in one. This is a great business women’s look and worn by so many others as well.

Mila Kunis

  • Long: Long (personally my favourite) is the hair whipping, beautiful flowing look from a girl. From straight to crimped hair there is so many options for putting up your hair to keeping it down.
  • Source’s of hair styles are at Marie Claire

Hope you guys get creative and find some inspiration from this weeks article, I want to see all the hairstyles so tweet or mention me on your Instagram pictures and hashtag #santorials and #fashiontipfriday!

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