Building an Outfit House

Hello Santorials!

This weeks focus will be on layering. Not in terms of bricks but an outfit. I like to use a house as a metaphor for this because there is only one way to build a house, and thats from the ground up! Don’t cheat, don’t just have a lazy day, be committed and use these tips to help plan out your outfit house better.



-Martin Parr

How do we start, lets go from the foundationUnmentionables.




Now I’m sure you all can put on your unmentionables by yourself, but make sure that those don’t clash either. For guy’s this is more important because showing a little band over the top of your pants is  accepted and sexier thing to show off. Showing the rest of it to the world is neither sexy nor inviting by girls or guys so invest in a nice belt instead of using your knee’s. Trust me. ALSO, if you are wearing a button up shirt or some sort of shirt that would usually be covered this is the time to make sure that this is in synergy with the rest of your outfit. I’m centring the boys out because women just seem to understand these basics, so make sure your not that guy always wearing a white undershirt underneath your button ups, if you are going to leave some of your buttons undone make sure the shirt underneath is suitable.

Side note: I would pick the colour of the accessories I want to wear first. Generally when I dress I want to decide if I’m wearing black, brown or any other colour first because that will depict what the rest of my outfit will look like.

RL Polo

Next lets talk about what goes on top of those late night lookers! Generally this will be t-shirts, blouses, polo’s, button up shirts, or sweaters and all the many styles that go with this. If its warmer out, you can most likely get away with just a short sleeve shirt and jeans or shorts, in the summer time layering is probably not your “best friend” because it will make it too warm, and leave you uncomfortable. With that being said I challenge all you men and women out there to try on a hotter day to add something on top of your t-shirt, try a casual vest or waist coat, add a lighter sleeveless looser fitting sweater girls, add something to make t-shirt & shorts weather into something a little more complex.

For the colder seasons like fall and winter this is where the fun begins. Like I said you start with your foundation and build. So whatever you have decided to wear add a matching item on top, for instance, a grey t-shirt paired with a navvy and grey button up. You have your top half of your look completed!


Next add some pants. In this case I would do denim because denim goes with a lot of things and if you are dressing casually this is probably something you would go to often. You can never go wrong with denim. If your more confident throw in some chinos and coloured pants, especially if your top is going to be a neutral colour.

Mark A. Santoro (@Markitfresh)

Lastly I would add a jacket (if cold enough) for the “finishing touches”. Adding the jacket last will allow you have a look for when you are in doors and outdoors, its a duel look.  My last advice would be to make sure you have jackets that are generally neutral colour because you will get more use out of them, whether they are black, grey, a shade of brown or navvy they will match or be able to match majority of what’s in your closet.  All thats left is picking out which shoes you are going to wear, and then you are ready to go!

Layering is just adding a more complex, sophisticated look, and gives your sense of style just that extra edge on everyone else. If you have any comments leave them below and if you have a more personal question you’d like to ask me directly email me at, and dont forget to upload your examples to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and tag me in them!

Until next week Santorials!

Stay Fresh,

Mark A. Santoro


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