Denim Epidemic

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Mark A. Santoro

Mark A. Santoro

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It’s time for another #FashionTipFriday, this week is going to be the breakdown of the denim epidemic.

Denim has been sweeping through this and last season, from the love of denim jackets, denim vests, denim shirts, and classic denim pants. Denim can come in a variety of colours, and is great for every outfit, theres so many options that you can do with denim and so much fun you can have with it. Here is my top two denim pieces that are needed for your fall fashion collection.

Denim Jackets are one of my favourite pieces to wear along with being a key to any wardrobe. It is also extremely versatile, you can wear it as a jacket or use it in between your shirt and blazer to add just that extra “oomph” to your outfit. Very much a male way to add denim into your business casual look, and remain looking chique, fashionable, and unique. You can also dress it up and down, with using the denim jacket as a blazer for your shirt and tie, or wear it with a T-Shirt and another pair of jeans.


Mark A. Santoro

Denim also come in many different types of washes. Washes are the different tones of the denim, its like a spectrum from dark navy to almost white. The variety of wash also helps differentiate between a more clean cut or rugged look. Also denim will be made to look at a variety levels or distress, not as popular now, but it does provide more of a rugged look but as companies such as Hollister and Abercrombie.


For women the denim jacket is irreplaceable, you can wear them with skirts, pants, like a shall (if you get a crop top version to show some stomach), with a t-shirt and jeans with the options only continuing exponentially. PLUS since denim in North America has been a slower transition than in Europe (for men at least) women who have always had this option just get much more creative pieces and a wider variety of colours and styles.

The Denim Shirt, is a great edition to your wardrobe for similar reasons, its a great casual shirt that when worn with the right accessories (like for men a tie) can change the whole perception of your outfit, making it the perfect shirt for work and casual events and since denim typically matches all patterns and colours it is easy to dress and pull off as well.

So say sayonara to the cowboys and welcome the Santorial denim movement!


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