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Hey Santorials!

Hope you had a great Thanks Giving and everything is going well, and if it isn’t it’s about to get much better! Why?… Cause its SANTORIAL Tuesday!

It’s been a busy busy school with me, so I thought a tuesday post after the weekend and Thanks Giving would be much better. But we will be back on track for next Friday being #FashionTipFriday. This week is for the students. For us going through the stress of post secondary; going to scattered classes, having those 3 hour breaks in between to catch up on our shows we can’t watch in the evening because we are studying, for the students who forgot what sleep is, and for those that like to make sure they get the full experience of University/College life, the parties, the stress, learning balance, and becoming who we are with this new taste of freedom!

Now what does all of this have to do with fashion? Well you wear clothes, you want to be comfortable without looking like you just rolled out of bed and ran to class or show you know what a shower looks like, and I’m sure you want to feel some level of professionalism.

In my experience I’ve seen that depending on the program you are in depicts what is the “unwritten” code of dressing for that faculty. You may not notice in the first year or two, but the further you go the more you transform into your faculty. Though let me remind you, that style is something YOU OWN, its your style, sure you have influencers and brands you like because of the fit, design, what the brand stands for, and the perception you receive when wearing that brand but thats all a reflection of you and your personality. Never fear showing your true colours.

Let’s break this down deeper; I’m going to chose a few faculties that I feel are different enough but represent a good chunk of your post-sec campus.

First we have Business Administration, because its my faculty (Favouritism). Business students generally are flagged as always being in a suit and tie, wearing professional clothes  and well being “all business”. Fun Fact, we don’t wear suits all day and sleep in suitjama’s at night. Yes business students tend to dress more professionally, wearing the “preppy” khaki’s, polos, nice shoes, etc. Though this is because within the business school there are many students that work at banks, being T.A or involved independent studies where this is what they will be seen and know as, and it never hurts to look professional instead of sloppy. Now this doesn’t mean wear a tie everyday, but this does mean that the more preppy, business casual, clean cut look will come off more appealing to professionals, deans, and other superiors that you may meet at any moment. For business students or others that want this more business casual, clean cut, chique look heres some necessities I suggest: Polo. Khakis. Casual button up shirt. Nice dark denim or lighter (sandy) denim (EX: @Markitfresh Photo). Collared Sweaters. Ties. Blazers. Cardigans.

Now I feel that this sophisticated look works well with faculties like Law, Political Science, Psychology, Philosophy, and a lot of those social science classes.

Next we have a faculty on the compete opposite side of the spectrum but brings up a good point to note. Engineering. Now from what I understand about engineering they have a “dress code” for certain classes like nursing students, now its hard to really add style to things like that, but don’t be afraid to be that person that customizes that outfit (if allowed). Add something that represents you, alter it a little, and add your uniqueness. On the days you don’t have to wear a specific “uniform”, wear the clothes you like, sport jeans a t-shirt and a sweater. My suggestion for these faculties is still along the lines of the one above, be yourself, express your style and understand the stereo types that come with it, for professionals going into these fields I would suggest to dress more professional especially in a professional setting.

If you want to read more about associating stereo types with how you dress you can look at my past blog:

Now… The Arts; YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE CREATIVE FACULTY. Of all of us, you should be pushing the fashion boundaries, putting creativity and uniqueness together, these are the faculty that you should look and just know he’s in the arts. You can break this down 3 ways. In the arts you will either (1) have to dress professionally, for instance pursuing teaching jobs (2) dress creatively; showing your creative side as in graphic designers, fashion designers (MOST EMPHASIS ON THESE STUDENTS), and visual arts. Or you are more of a dramatic arts type of person; well these people that are famous in the acting field are generally up on the fashion trends and are being bold and putting themselves out there, same with photographers and models.

Generally I’d say if your going for a nine to five job, learning how to enjoy dressing more clean cut and professional will only help your future endeavours. If you are in a more creative field you expressing yourself through clothing is the first link to you and your work that people have (visual). If you are in more of a blue collar job or have a uniform, jeans and a t-shirt could work just fine, for instance I wouldn’t wear a suit to work at a factory, but it is always important to know how to dress professionally if you would like to move up in the future and be a “suit”.

This week I want to see what your wearing on campus. Send a tweet or tag me in an Instagram photo, hashtag santorial and your program! If you have any questions, fashion consulting or just want to leave feedback or suggestions for future blogs send me an email;

Stay fresh Santorials,

Mark A. Santoro


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