How to dress to impress for a job interview!

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From Mark A. Santoro’s Mens Fashion Board

This week I am going to talk about what you should wear to an interview! I want to stress that showing individuality is always important but also break down the men and women interviewee and how the colour, choice of attire can either wow or turn off your potential employer.

First lets lay down some ground rules; You have to know the job your applying for and what they expect and stand for, for instance if you are applying for a retail job in fashion you may consider dressing more high fashion.

Secondly I would make sure you tailor these tips to what type of job your applying for, if you’re applying at Tim Hortons it may be overkill to come in a suit, so business casual is probably your better option.

Thirdly I don’t believe that a wardrobe will get you the job, but if you look sloppy in an interview it could cost you the job.

Men: For argument state lets say this job is a professional job, one where you would be starting your career.

In a professional interview I would suggest going in two different ways. First being a classic suit, tie, matching dress shoes and accessories (belt and watch) well tailored, and NO bow ties.  It may be a great piece to add in other outfits or later when you have secured the job but unless you are going to apply within the fashion industry I think that sticking to the classics is not only a safe idea, but its a style that never is unfashionable. You could also do khaki’s, dress shoes, blazer and a tie as well. This look is more business casual but if done right could really turn some heads and separate you from the pack. Like I said before, the outfit isn’t going to get you the job, but it could cost you it. Though dressing in a suit or dressing well gives you that extra sense of confidence that may assist you in getting the job, but always make sure your mentally prepared.

Why is this important, its just clothes? If you’re a part of the Santorials and have read my other blogs, you would know I stress dressing in your own personality and being prepared for the stereotype that comes with that territory. Dressing is the first impression you make on someone, before you have even said hello people are making assumptions based on the clothes you wear, so it is important in a interview setting that you show professionalism, confidence and honesty, starting from the moment they lay eyes on you. I also mentioned that a lot of brands like Volcom Stone do make suits, and a suit is an important arsenal in any mans wardrobe.

Women:  For argument state lets say this job is a professional job, one where you would be starting your career.

Women’s 🙂

I have similar thoughts for women interviewing as men, but I think women have much more options, I will try to give two different style outfits as well. I would also suggest that the ladies have a well tailored suit in the closet because I feel that it shows power, professionalism, along with being sexy. If you are considering this type of fashion I would suggest your shirt being a button up shirt, or a blouse and if you’re a taller women stick with flats. For shorter women either flats or have a bit of a heel, nothing higher than a 4inch heel, you want to stay classy not dress as if you were going down town or out with the girls. As for accessories I would wear a watch, bracelet or both, alone with a clutch and a portfolio (to hold resumes and other documents you may need). For the second option I would keep the shirts the same, something exciting and sexy but not provocative, you could either do a sleeveless, a 3 quarter sleeve or a full sleeve for you top (but if sleeveless I would advise making sure that it will not show anything underneath). Instead of pants, try a 21 inch skirt or 25 inch, try to keep it around knee length, nothing that would end near your mid thigh, keep the shoe and accessory options the same, and be sure that they all work in a zen, complimenting each other.

Quick Colour Tip: The colour you choose to wear to your interview, like your shirt or tie, could depict your personality and how interviewers see your personality. People associate colours with mood, character, and personality, just something to keep in mind!

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