Corduroy Crush

Hello Santorials!

Cut the cord… from Google Images

This weeks FashionTipFriday is going to be about the re-return of the corduroy. I love corduroys, they are like chinos but more casual, a different look to chinos if you would, and with the whole colour trousers phenomenon still going out, cords are going to be a hot trender this fall/winter.

                                  Now why Corduroys?


Corduroys like I said can be worn casually and business professionally. Corduroys are one of those materials that aren’t done often but when done, its done well. If your looking to be different, but don’t want to stretch into coloured trousers, adding cords are the best way to do so. The thing I love about this fabric is that it is timeless, its classic, and very retro. But pair with things like a polo, t-shirt, denim jacket, leather, wool, it will still give for a great casual or more high fashion look. With all the different colours that corduroy comes in or can come in, it is one of those pants that offer great variety. I think they look great on both men and women, and they also come in blazers along with pants. I wouldn’t suggest wearing a full corduroy suit but mixing and making the fabrics with others like denim brings a whole new look to your outfit. This can be worn in many scenes as well, preppy, business professional, skater/urban, professional, and casually.

Corduroys are definitely one of those items that you need to add to your closet, it will definitely be an asset.

Till next week Santorials!

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