Boots and Toques

Hey Santorials!

Welcome back to FashionTipFridays. Since the weather has been dropping I wanted to talk quickly on boots and toques.

The Gals:

Boots are great to pair with leggings, jeans, jegging they are great not only for your look but keeping you warm. I think all level boots including boots with heels look great with these looks and if you add a mid-thigh wool coat it will just be great. Toques are another one of those accessories that are great practically and are cute as well. With so many different styles and colours its hard not to find something that won’t work with your outfit. Though if your not a hat person (like myself) there is a solution like:

A winter headband


The Gents:

Boots and Toques, same reason practical and look great with jeans. Gives you that more adventurous/ military/ dangerous type of look. For men I wouldn’t suggest wearing boots past your mid calf. They also look amazing with majority of pant colours and excellent with jeans, with . A great coat to pair them with is a leather jacket or a wool coat such as a tea coat, try a tweed blazer even. Toques are great during the winter, just like women there is tons of different colours and styles to work with. For the reasons of being practical and stylish, boots and toques are the must wears this winter.

    From Pinterest; Mid High boots

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