10 Essentials for your Black Friday Hunt

Hey Santorials,

Happy FashionTipFriday

In celebration of what is only one of the greatest days to go shopping, I am doing a Black Friday blog today. Here are the 10 essential grabs on this heavenly sales day. The following 10 items are/ or can be more expensive which would make this a Great day to pick one up! So let’s get started:

10) Personal Grooming Appliances: Such as an Electric TrimmerBlack Friday is a great time to get all these appliances because it is discounted and will last longer than a regular razor.  If you want to have good style you have to be take care of yourself. Invest the money in an electronic trimmer and other personal grooming appliances.

9) Luggage:

Luggage is something I have never had to shop for, and probably will hate to shop for when the time comes. They are pieces that  can be used for years and years. If you are an avid traveller this is something you probably have invested in already or may be time for a new one. Brands like Tumi have never disappointed me when I travelled, but can be expensive. Though the reason I haven’t shopped for a bag myself is because my current bag has lasted. Take advantage of sales and invest in a suitcase, trust me at some point you will use it!

8) Bag Accessories: Such as Backpacks, messenger bags or backpacks.  They range in price from expensive to the lower end and inexpensive. For a good long lasting bag I would invest in a leather or good quality fabric messenger bag or backpack, one that will be able to fit all your things. I have had the same messenger bag and backpack since I started University 4 years ago, and I still use them every day. Those may have cost me $100 – $200 dollars but divide that by 4 years and still going and you have that it only really cost me $25-$50.

7) Skin Care Products / Lip Balm (No body likes chapped lips):

In order to look great, taking care of yourself, including keeping up with working out, personal hygiene (clipping toe nails, hair cut, brushing teeth, using soap in shower and cleaning face), is a must. I would hope this is only a review for all of you Santorials reading. Skin care kits can help maintain and keep control of your unwanted pimples and blemishes. Also grab your Chapstick or Burts Bees and make sure your lips are getting moisturized, trust me! Healthy Life, Feel Alright!

6) Shoe Horn/ Care products:

Dress shoes and leather shoes need to be taken care of, invest in a shoe horn and other shoe care products and they will last you even longer. I’ve managed to keep shoes for 6 years and still look white.  Proper care will only do wonders and allow you to get the full use out of your purchase.

5)  Electric Tooth Brush/ Whitening Kits/ Dental Care: 

If your pearly whites aren’t white, start getting them whiter with a more powerful brush. Black Friday is such a great time to get these essentials and again its investing in products that may cost a little more, getting them at a discounted price, and being able to use them for an extended period of time.

4) Boots:

If you read my Boots and Toques blog from before you will know why I think boots are a must have. What’s a better time to buy leather boots than when they are on for 50% off? If you have read my blog before and were questioning the investment, now is the time to redetermine if you will invest in boots or not. They make a load of a difference when walking across campus outside or down town, and are a great addition to your winter look.

3) Sun Glasses/ Glasses:

Did you ever want those pair of shades that you just couldn’t justify buying? I have this issue every time I walk into a sunglass/ glasses store since I only need my glasses for reading. On Black Friday when the prices get slashed, is when I go out to get the glasses I was looking for.

2) Leather Jacket/ Peacoat/ Jacket:

Winter is here, it came late, but it is here. If there was any time to invest in a great jacket, Black Friday is the day. You want a jacket that will fit you well, good quality, current design and the right price.   Take full advantage of the sales that are going on because this is one of the rare opportunities that you will not have to fight with yourself over those normal shopping issues.

1) Suit/ Business Wear/ Dress:

Since we are in a generation of do it yourselfers, it is not uncommon that people other than business students will be going into meetings and working on important projects that will benefit by dressing more presentably. Invest in a good suit or work attire this Black Friday because it will pay back dividends in the future for your career, meeting, presentations, and special events.

Those are my ten items that I feel are a necessity for your Black Friday Hunt!

Until next week Santorials, Stay Fresh!

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