12 Santorial Tips&Gifts

Hey Santorials!

This blog is for you late shoppers going this weekend for gifts or maybe for those who had a hard time shopping for a certain person.. Today I will provide 6 helpful shopping tips when buying for others and 6 gift idea’s for the holidays.

So let’s get to it;

Uno: Know their style!

Just because you think something looks good or like a certain brand, doesn’t mean everyone agree’s with you. That’s FINE! Whether they are hipster, preppy, emo, skater, nerdy, young professional, hippy, or a mix you’ll need to start by knowing what category they fit into. So, if someone like my sister has more of a vintage/hippy look, I’m not going to get her a polo from Tommy Hilfigure.


If you don’t know their style I have 3 ways you can go about this:

Ask them what are some clothes they like

Ask a family member to come and help you find what they like or what they would need

Use Social Media, your on it anyways: Look at what they are wearing in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr pictures, or look at what they are pinning on Pinterest

Duces: Know their size

This is close to being the most important thing you need to know. I’m sure we have all experienced a time when we got a gift that someone genuinely thought was perfect for us but got the wrong size. It’ll be okay I have a solution for this as well, if this isn’t a person you’re in a relationship with, or a good friend/ cousin where you generally know what they wear I will help you side step such problems.

You want them to feel comfortable and the gift you get to fit correctly so here are some options you have:

Calling a family member or someone they live with to have them check a shirt size, blazer size, pant size, shoe size etc

You can bring a friend that would reassemble their body type in order to have them be your test buddy

Ask them directly, you aren’t telling them the gift, be sly about it you secret lovers. When I went shopping calling a family member REALLY helped! Don’t just assume, cause you’ll make an ass out of yourself.

Trice: Know what colours they like

Knowing their favourite colours makes it easier to actually pick out the clothing because it gives you a safety net. It gives you characteristics to find a certain product! It allows you to automatically cross out things they most likely will not like and find things will like!

Forth Quarter: Know some brands they like

Knowing their favourite brand not only helps you with finding their style, but gives you a starting point to find the clothes they will wear, and this will also lead you to other brands they may not know of that’ll have the same style but also make your present unique.

Five Alive: Try and find what they need

Finding what they need makes your present more special because they needed it and now you  are the “hero” for getting them it. It also will result in your present being used more.


Talking to the sales people, which everyone hates to do, trust me I know, allows you to find what you need faster, saving you time (definitely helpful when your in crunch mode). Sales people  have a full knowledge of the store and brand, which can help finding what they have or lead to something similar or they may be able to provide you with more suggestions. Why? Because they work in that industry and probably are from the same “culture” as the person you are shopping for, they are like a personal shopper. I was a sales person at a clothing store, so trust me when I say they can find gems that you may have overlooked or passed because shopping and sorting through all the clothes sometimes gets overwhelming.

Just a side note, not every sales person is as helpful as other, but I find majority of the sales people I approach care about the sale but do provide me with great help, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it cause they told you to, if you don’t think they’ll like it then tell them that and leave. I promise you though, more times than not, sales people can be excellent help when gift shopping and genuinely care about finding you what you are looking for.

Now lets get to the Gifts:

here are some must haves; I could go forever for each style but I will try to hit one in all.

  1. Leather Jacket/Blazer/Peacoat/Trench coat
  2. Tie’s/Business Shirts/Belts/Dress Shoes/Sneakers/Lofters Etc.
  3. Gift cards can never go wrong; if you can’t find something yourself but know their brands this is a great gift cause then they can go, just know how much you were going to spend and if that is practical. For instance, if you were buying me something from Versace, obviously a$20 gift card would not do a lot for me.
  4. T-Shirt/Sweaters
  5. Boots (think military style), gloves (try Leather or Mittens) and Toques
  6. Watches/Jewellery (necklaces, bracelets)

Hope these tips and gifts help make your shopping not only easier but helps you get a more practical gift. Remember you have to know the person and what they like because fashion is a resemblance of their style and personality! GOOD LUCK.

Next week we will have an early blog talking about boxing day 😉 So stay tuned for that!

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments email me at markanthonysantoro@gmail.com.

Happy Holidays Santorials!

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