Santorial Boxing Day Strategy

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Hey Santorials,

Hope you’re having a great holiday, and Santa treated you well, and for you naughty Santorials I hope you find a way to turn that coal into diamonds. Oh if you do please email me and share your Mark Anthony Santorosecrets!

This weeks blog I want to talk about boxing day shopping! The day to grab everything you couldn’t get on great discounts. Here’s some tips and ideas I use when going out on the day of mayhem.

First, make sure you’re prepared for the amount of people that’s going to be battle with. If you’re not a people person, or can’t deal with crowds… STOP READING! I suggest you either take your losses and wait for the next day and take the chance.

For you deal hunters that don’t mind your personal bubble being invaded lets keep going!

Mark Anthony SantoroNow my next tip is check your inventory, know your mall and know the places you want to go to. Make a plan and prioritize the certain store you need to go to and the stores you can live without going to. Having a plan makes this a less stressful endeavour and make sure you use your time efficiently.

Look before at the deals that will be going on, and on what you would like to get. Have a list of clothes you are looking for and where you will likely to find them. This will make sure you are adding to those outfits you already have gotten as presents or from before.

If you’re going with friends or family make sure you know what they are looking for as well and if it will match up with any places you want to go to. Or as another option, if you like to shop alone or don’t mind splitting up, make a meeting spot for lunch or coffee like Starbucks! thats always a great way to refuel and get prepared for the next round of hunting.IMG_1186

LASTLY! get ready to go hard and shop till you drop, getting these deals and finding what you want may be easy or can be hard!

Hope the hunt goes well, and you get all the extra deals you are looking for! If you are looking for some idea’s on clothes to get, try looking at my past blog 12 Santorial Gifts & Tips. If you have any other questions, need tips for more specific events, or just want to leave comments or concerns email me at:

Stay Fresh Santorials!

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