Suits. Don’t. Equal. Style

FashionTipFridayHey Santorials,


This weeks tip is: Wearing a suit doesn’t mean your fashionable or have great style.

Mark Anthony Santoro

Don’t get me wrong; suits are a must have in your closet.  You need to be able to pull off wearing a suit that is unique, but there is a limit like all things in life.

I have used this example before however will state it again.   You are NOT Barney Stinson and your life is NOT a sitcom, so why would you wear a suit everyday or every time you go out?

To me it’s ridiculous that this is what is determined as being “stylish”, there’s a balance. I often say there is an issue if you can’t pull off wearing a suit. Suits are the surefire outfit to look professional, successful, stable, more composed, mature and legitimate.

These are all great qualities to have, but always wearing a suit or a blazer kills these qualities and makes you seem dull, like you never leave work, and never actually get out. Being able to go out casually and still look great wearing a t-shirt and other layers shows more about yourself than a suit ever will.

IMG_1259Now I know what you are thinking, “Mark some of us have professional jobs and need to dress up.

Well for you professional Santorials, change-up the colours, change the patterns and colours in your tie/shirt/suit/dress shoe combination, and when you aren’t working and are going out for a drink, coffee, lunch, or just heading around town try switching to chino’s and a nicer sweater, I can promise you that unless you are at a formal event you will not be out of style, even a sweater blazer combination would be a nice change.

Note: I don’t mean just wear t-shirt and jeans to semi-formal or informal professional night out. It’s about layering as well, if you would like my opinions on layering here is a link to my previous blog: Building an Outfit House

Just switching your pants to jeans just doesn’t cut it as being different and stylish, now throwing some coloured denim or chino’s or even corduroys into the picture and now we are working with something totally new, fresh and exciting.

Mark A SantoroIf you are that professional, being the centre of attention and/or trying new things should not be a new concept, innovation is important to all successful people. BE UNIQUE. This is what style is, representing and speaking to others through visuals instead of using verbal cues.

Don’t be trapped in routines or the comfort zone Santorials, no matter what your style is be you and you will rock it!

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Until next week, stay fresh Santorials!

Mark Anthony Santoro

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