Have a Santorial New Years Eve!

Hey Santorials.

It’s another episode of fashion tips by Mark Anthony Santoro (that’s me), today let’s get you ready to have a kick ass New Years. Now what comes to mind when you think of bringing in the new year? Probably, booze, killing it with your friends, who’s going to be your midnight kiss or how your going to get one, and WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR!?

Mark A. Santoro

Let’s start this New Years resolutions off early and change something about your style for one night. Whether that is trying to wear a brighter colour, try out some coloured pants, just dressing fancier for a night, or anything that isn’t typically something you would wear, lets test the waters!

THOUGH, I cannot stress enough how important it is to dress in theme, you will look out-of-place if you don’t, ruining your outfit (good or not). It’s like going to the beach but not wearing something summery or bathing suits, it may be a great outfit, it just doesn’t make sense.

Therefore, if you are going to a Pub, rock that denim: try wearing denim pants, a different coloured shirt preferably a cotton or more casual button up (casual wool tie could be an option to add in), and a denim jacket or blazer. You’re still dressed to impress but just for the right event.

Mark A. SantoroIf you are going to a club (which I’m assuming most will be) let’s dress up, get your suit/blazers & funky ties out, and lets avoid doing any classic white and black shit. Nothing wrong with it, but fashion is about standing out. Try and think of colours that are stronger in the spectrum such as red (a classic), Purple, Pink, bright orange, a nice green. These ties will make your neutral coloured shirts have some life (if you aren’t ready to make a huge commitment to the cause).

For you more adventurous Santorials, lets change both the shirt and tie. So for instance, everyone has a colour that looks great on them and they will turn to when wearing some colour. I love the red spectrum.

So let’s try using a burgundy shirt, now I want this colour to mesh with my tie, but we still want the tie to pop. Now what colours could I do?I would try a brighter blue, blue and ready together are a great combination, the lighter blue provides the pop, while the burgundy shirt provides a darker red and leaving a more neutral colour to work with. This would also go great with a grey suit, and if you ditch the tie and wear the grey suit and a red shirt you’re all ready to go. Simple but great.

It is the same for the lady Santorials, instead of classic black dresses, let’s try something more eye-catching! Instead of having the super revealing dress, why don’t we try something more sexy and mysterious? Having a open back is such a sexy way to show skin without having to show “the goods” to keep the guys interested or having 3 quarter sleeve length. Be different in this regard. Now what colours would I suggest for this New Years celebration? Lets say a red dress, accessorize with some gold and you’ll be a stunner. You can also go with Navy (which would also look great with gold accessories), champagne, silver, gold, teal, royal purplegreen.

Now if you are a black dress sort of girl, don’t shy away, just make sure your accessories you are wearing, are eye-catching, such as silver, gold, bronze, and again make sure they are different and eye-catching! Not just a simple necklace, try wearing a bigger, wider, flashier necklace.

Also when looking for a dress keep in mind the details, this can make a normally not exciting colour of dress be exciting. Like they say it’s all in the details.

Even though we talked about a lot of dresses, don’t think if you wear pants and a blouse that you won’t be in style. This is another great look, nice coloured pants, for example Prada’s, and a blouse will look great and still say you’re there to party and bring in the new year, you’re just dressed with different class and sexiness.

So now we have some idea’s for this new years, whether you’re working within your closet or getting something new to bring in the 2014 year, make sure you are doing it big and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

If you would like more suggestions for this NYE, look at picture I pinned on my Pinterest under Women’s or Men’s Fashion Boards or click the link below.

I also want to see your examples and what you are wearing for this New Years so tag #SantorialNewYears on Instagram & Twitter and make sure you mention me (both below as well).

If you need some help or want my opinion on an outfit for New Years Eve, email me at: markanthonysantoro@gmail.com

Have a great New Years Eve and safe celebrations Santorials, Stay Fresh!

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