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This weeks going to be a treat with a blog to start your week off and a blog to finish it!

Feel Good Today –

Since I’m sure many of you that are reading this either at school or work, before or after, and all are suffering from waking up on a dreadful Monday. Don’t be alarmed, today’s blog is here to spark you up and get you ready to go this monday and tips for future Mondays.

Dress your best, I know it’s a long day ahead, and sometimes its hard to feel motivated to get up and leave your sweats or yoga pants but dressing up and making yourself look good will help not only with your confidence but with your attitude towards the day, because you will feel positive about yourself, and more alive because of how you feel. Think of when you go out with friends, you’re way more hyped when you know you nailed a killer outfit rather than just an okay one. It’s the same principle Santorials.

Also, so what if it takes an extra half an hour to get ready, take that time, relax, sing in your comb like it’s a microphone and you’re a rock star with no guitar, and just enjoy the time getting ready. When you know you look good and you have heads turning I promise you you’ll want to tweet, email, call, or smoke signal me a message saying thank you! ( if you would like to, or I’ll keep my eyes in the sky)

If you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself. Get a better mirror! – Shane Koyczan via

Now instead of waking up worried about everything you have to do this week, all the meetings, reading, or assignments that need to be done, just wake up, eat breakfast, and relax. Start your Monday off with a 30 minute break from all the worries that consume you and just enjoy the moment. I read this in a blog a little while ago, (I can’t find the exact blog but below will be a link to another good one called The Power of Doing Nothing. My apologies) but I tried it one day, and I found some of the pressures I was dealing with lifted off my shoulder, I was in a calmer state of mind. Weirdly, all the relief was from not seeing my phone, computer, news, and other outlets of constant “news” popping up.

Also make sure you are getting a workout in, this isn’t one of those “For the new year I will do this” sort of thing, it’s for yourself. I used to compete competitively in karate, which some of you Santorials would already know if you have had a chance to read my: Karate Business blog. I know from comparing now to when I was competing that every time I work out consistently I do not only feel more energized (as every health freak will tell you) or look better (as more health freaks will tell you), you will be

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more productive throughout your day and rest better at night. This I can almost promise you, but if you’re not breaking a sweat, or not giving YOUR best (which only you will know), you won’t have the same effects as me and many of athletes can probably tell you. So if you are going to add working out to your schedule, promise yourself to give 110% each time. 

Another habit to get into to help your Mondays is lame but effective, sleep earlier (which I per say am not the best at). Use Sunday’s as God did and rest/ recover from the previous week! Go to bed earlier so you are refreshed for the new week ahead.

Also on the morning commute, listen to positive music, something that gets your blood flowing. I have this saying that its hard to be upset when listening to EDM because the music is always upbeat and generally happier music. What ever your fix is, try listening to that more positive music because it will help you get more hyped when going into work, and start your mornings off with a bang. 

I always find when I dress well, or to what I think is a home run always makes me feel more motivated and ready for the day and it’s challenges ahead, along with taking time to myself, eating properly and exercising, and listening to the right music in the morning. 

Rememberstyle is an expression of yourself, so express yourself well!”

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Until Friday Santorials, Stay Dressed Fresh!

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