The Worlds Ugliest Woman or Most Confident & Stylish?

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Hey Santorials!

I attached a link to this video of “The Worlds Ugliest Woman” on TED Talk. Well I don’t really think Ms. Lizzie Velasquez’s the worlds ugliest woman, I think she has more style than most of us have. Like I’ve said before, it’s not the clothes or designers you are wearing, STYLE is a representation of YOU, and she does a great job being herself; funny, witty, intelligent.

Now in the video she explains how she wanted to be a motivational speaker, she is, and a great motivational speaker at that. Her TED talk video was great, I enjoyed every moment of it, seeing the motivation she has, the drive, the ambition, is just showing how much style this young 25-year-old women, who most agree to be unattractive, doesn’t dress in style, and all the other labels you can throw at her. We’ll she takes all these negative comments and puts them in the dust with her beautiful personality. This is what having style and swag is people, and she didn’t even have to claim it.

What I find funny is before I watched this video, my sister, a person who can see good in everything, found this shared it on Facebook, which is how I first laid eyes on “The Worlds Ugliest Woman”. Being myself I had to make a comment, which was: “She’s got nice hair doe.”

When I watched the video this morning, and saw in the video that Lizzie Velasquez said the exact same thing about her hair as I did, I chuckled thinking how it’s funny how minds can match. Many may call this women “The Ugliest Woman in the World”. We’ll I call her the strongest and most stylish woman in the world, for being so comfortable in her own skin.

I think that is the important lesson to take away from this Santorials, be yourself, enjoy being yourself, and dress the way you want, as long as it makes sense, you’re okay with the stereotypes that are attached, as long as you are confident. As long as you want to achieve it, you can. I want to end saying that she pulled off her outfit very well on stage as well. All the best to her next book that is coming out and her future as a motivational speaker.

Until Friday Santorials!

Mark Anthony Santoro

Huffington Post Article: Labeled ‘World’s Ugliest Woman,’ Motivational Speaker Turns Hate Into Love

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