Dress like a Spy!

Hey Santorials!

Here comes this week’s Fashion Tip Friday!

Spies, when I think of spies I think of an individual who is sexy, dangerous, adventurous, spontaneous, sophisticated, classy, and mysterious.

These all add up to dressing your best, showing your sense of style, and keeping it edgy, classy, and being ready for anything.

So let’s talk;

Spying around!

Spying around!

When dressing for events you want to make sure you “blend in” like a spy. Now I don’t mean blend in as in dressing like everyone else, I mean blend in by dressing for the occasion. This is important, if you’re going to a formal bring out the suit, if you’re going to the club don’t wear the suit jacket, or if you want to wear a sportcoat or blazer, try it with jeans or coloured chinos.

Spies are great at pulling off simplicity in their outfit. Sometimes it’s just better to go black and white, if you’re the only one doing it you’ll still stand out. Dressing simply makes your outfit not too hard on the eyes, you still look like you know what you are doing when you wake up in the morning, and you have the ability to appear TIMELESSLY dressed in pictures.

My advice, try the classic black suit and black tie with a white shirt, for ladies a white blouse with the black pencil skirt or a classic black dress (a bejewelled dress will add uniqueness as well). This will work well for work, keeping it simple makes outfits easy to put together, especially useful when you’re racing to get to work in the morning. Just don’t make it a habit Santorials.

Dressing Dangerously (or edgy) shows the rockstar side of you, and I know you all have that singing in the mirror while you’re getting ready side. Use it, bring it out, dress like you’re going on stage. Spies are always styling themselves to look great, try pulling off some leather, don’t always be that school boy, bring out your inner “cool kid”. If you generally dress more businessy, professionally, or preppy try bring out jeans, a polo and a leather jacket. Trust me you’ll rock it!

Mark Anthony Santoro & Alexa DuarteBe Spontaneous, don’t always dress in the same style. For instance, if you are always wearing a tie switch it up to a tie-less button up shirt, a t-shirt or a polo, also wear a cardigan with that graphic tee or polo, just that little change doesn’t change your entire wardrobe but doesn’t make you look like you always wear the same thing. Keep your outfits fresh, being different isn’t a bad thing. Throw curve balls, guaranteed the girls and boys will notice you more.

Mystery, spies give off that mysterious/ adventurous vibe. Be the same way with the way you carry yourself, being mysterious is sexy, people don’t want to know your life the first time they meet you. How you carry yourself completes all your outfits. You could be dressed like a dime but if you don’t have the personality to carry yourself it drops your overall score.

Alexa's a double agent!

Alexa’s a double agent!

When you go to a formal event try to think like a spy, whether you’re hoping to meet a girl/boy, going out with friends or whatever your intentions, think of what the situation is and be prepared for anything that could happen, you never know until you try.

Remember its personality combined with the way you dress that completes outfits. Now that is your mission for this weekend Santorials. I want to see how you pulled it off too, so post pictures on Twitter and Instagram and tag me in them with the hashtag #santorials! You’ve made your country proud!

This message will self-destruct in 30 seconds, Stay Fresh!

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