A Santorial Valentine’s Date (Evening at Home Edition)!

Hey Santorials!

This weeks blog is coming two weeks early, so you have time to actually plan your evening out well. The theme for the next couple weeks will be Valentine’s day, in hopes to help with your entire preparation, whether it’s a first date, another notch in the relationship belt, or a couple month old couple.

Romantic dinner for two.

Romantic dinner for two.

Today we are going to focus on preparing an intimate date for staying in. These dates are more romantic for you and your Valentine. They also can be less of a burden on your wallet and much more rememberable!

The key to making this a successful date with the girl (or boy) of your dreams is to plan ahead.

The dinner layout:

Talking about her day over dinner

Try a romantic layout like in the picture to the right, confetti on the table, candles lit dinner, fire-place (trust me!), restaurant set table, a menu for the evening (title it, make it personal), wine or your Valentine’s favourite beverage, his/her favourite food/dessert, make a playlist AKA make a mix tape, and finish by taking a romantic walk!

Your date doesn’t have to be exactly like mine was set up, but just because you are staying in doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t be dressed like your going out, make the evening special and do it to the TEN’s!

So let’s get to it…

…The Attire:

Sharing an evening by the fire.

Sharing an evening by the fire.

For the boys, don’t think because you’re at home that means you can wear a tee and jeans. Be better than that, still dress up, not as formal as you would if you were going out to a 5-star restaurant but enough to show that this is a special occasion.

What to wear and ditch. Guys I’d let the ties, bow ties, and blazer sit this one out. If you’re having a stay at home dinner, try to make it special with dressier pants like chinos, and by still wearing a dress shirt (leave a couple of buttons open!) You’ll be killing this Valentine’s Day!

Some combos you could use are:

(1) Red button up shirt, patterned or not (go with a pattern since you are not wearing a tie), grey chinos, and black accessories (Shoes, belt, watch and jewellery).

(2) Navy button up shirt, coffee chinos, silver accessories (shoes and watch), black belt.

(3) Grey button up shirt, red chinos/ pants (for the bolder Santorials), and white accessories (shoes, watch, and jewellery)

(4) Black shirt, white or off white chinos/pants, and black accessories (watch, belt, and jewellery)

Now ladies, for you I would suggest wearing a dress, like the men not formal. Try a nice dress that’s sexy, and flattering such as a shift dress. The colours I would use for this evening are classic but head turning!

Walk down by the pier

Walk down by the pier

Red: nothing is as sexy as a well pulled off red dress. Gold is the goal colour to accessorize with your belt, shoes, or jewellery. Red lipstick, let those lips pop ladies.

Black: they call it a classic for a reason. Accessorize your classic black dress with red, gold, or silver belts, shoes, and gold or silver jewellery (DO NOT mix gold and silver accessories).

Pink: is girly and innocent, I wouldn’t do hot pink, but a lighter pink like Amaranth pink, French rose, or coral. For your pink dresses I would stick to gold for all your accessories!

White: is timeless and beautiful. Accessorize this dress with red for your belts, shoes, and lipstick. For jewellery, stick to gold!

For more advice, personal questions answered or personal style advice email me at markanthonysantoro@gmail.com or leave a comment below!

Put these tips all together and you will have one romantic dinner, in the comfort of your own home. Look at other blogs for idea’s on romantic dinners!

Until next friday Santorials. Stay fresh,

Mark Anthony Santoro

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