A Santorial Valentine’s Date (Part 2: A Night Out)


Welcome back to another episode of FashionTipFriday! Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, have you planned what you are going to do yet?! If not that’s fine this is the second part to last weeks Santorial Valentine’s Date.

 This week’s focus is on going out for your date, most likely to that fancy restaurant.


What is your attire going to be for the Valentines evening?

Last week I said to leave your ties, bow ties, and blazers in the closet. Well this week if your plans are to go out for your Valentine’s date then definitely, and I mean DEFINITELY take them out of the closet! This is a more formal date, bring your A-game. Do I think you should go full suit? NO, but I do think you need to dress up fancier than what we discussed the last week. Now there is nothing wrong with wearing a suit if the restaurant you are going to is like 5-star fancy, but generally I’d save your good wedding suit for a more formal event.

If you have a more neutral colour blazer like greynavy, or black, bring out the colour in your shirt and tie. I highly suggest a tie, but if that isn’t your thing than definitely wear the blazer.

No blazer? Try a vest!  It’ll be the same concept. Just wear a nice wool coat. 


Here’s my list on what to wear:

Taken from Mark Anthony Santoro’s Pinterest: Mens Fashion Board

(1) Blazer: Throw some colour in there, if you have a blazer with colour like Ox Blood Red, pull it out. Great pieces to match with that can be:

(2) Chino or Dress pants, or really dark nice denim pants (no rips). But they have to look the part, if they look like they’ve been washed a million times and you were out playing football just before you pick her up then leave them at home slugger.

(3) Accessorize; if blacks in your outfit do black accessories or white if you want to be bold, OR you can try my next outfit example:

Taken From Mark Anthony Santoro’s Pinterest: Mens Fashion Board

So let’s say you have a navy blazer; I suggest you do a lighter (vibrant) purple shirt, a navy tie (and if you can get some purple in there), and classic khaki chino or a lighter colour. Blue on blue is great, but I love mixing colours personally, gives your outfit more of a pop.

If you have a full navy suit, this would be the time to bring that out. The problem is that some suits (generally with a sheen) look extremely formal, and though this is more formal than last week, you do NOT want to look like you are going to a wedding or gala. If it’s more a matte then I would suggest to wear that, and I would go ALL brown accessories (watch jewellery, shows, & belt)

My last advice gents is to see what colours your sweetheart is going to wear. If you can match her on some level (Shirt, pocket square or tie/bow tie), that is probably the best option you can go with. It’s one thing to match your ties/ bow ties and pocket square to her outfit, it’s a whole other thing to look like you both are from one piece of fabric, DON’T overdo the matching.


Now again like last week, I said to still wear a dress or skirt, but not as formal as if you were going out. Well now you are going out. Dress to the TENS, elevens if you can do it. I suggest pulling out all the trick this evening. Dresses are going to be the same colours as last week, but this time you would like to have a more formal dress, cocktail dresses for example, or try a backless dress, leave some things for the imagination 😉.  Obviously gowns or insanely formal dresses are a no-no, but you do want to look like you are going out to a fancier event. Here are my suggestions for colours and accessories ladies (you can also check my Pinterest’s Women Fashion Board some ideas):

Apricot Lanes Dallas from Mark Anthony Santoro’s Pinterest: Women’s Fashion Board

Red: nothing is as sexy as a red dress. Gold is the goal colour to accessorize with your belt, shoes, or jewellery. Red lipstick, let those lips pop ladies. I’m a sucker for a girl in a sexy red dress.

Black:  classics are classic. Accessorize your classic black dress with red, gold, or silver belts, shoes, and gold or silver jewellery.

Pink: is girly and innocent, I wouldn’t do hot pink, but a lighter pink like Amaranth pink, French rose, or coral. For your pink dresses I would stick to gold for all your accessories!

Gold: is a symbol for power, strength, and perfection. Bring that all out with eye-catching colour. Try red accessories and lipstick to this knockout outfit! You will not only have your man’s eyes glued, but you may have to be careful cause sweetie you’ll be making heads snap.

Mark Anthony Santoro’s Pinterest: Women’s Fashion Board

White: is timeless and beautiful. Accessorize this dress with red for your belts, shoes, and lipstick. For jewellery, stick to gold!

For more information or questions email me at markanthonysantoro@gmail.com!

Until Valentine’s Day Santorials.

Stay Fresh!

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