What the modern business women should wear?

Hey Santorials!

Serving up this FashionTipFriday with a spin, today I’m just focusing on the ladies. Particularly,  what should the modern business women wear?

First what do we think of when we think business professionals?

  • Power
  • Ambition
  • Intelligence
  • Self-confidence

Lets get to it,

For you ladies who like to stay fashionable but look professional here are my suggestions.

  • Suit-Up:

    Taken from Mark Anthony Santoro’s Pinterest Board: ‘That Girl’s All Business’.

Suits always represent power, class, sophistication & really who doesn’t look great in a suit! If you are a modern day women in the professional field this is a MUST!  Since there is different cuts and styles, how should you wear your suit? When you think of the bottom of the suit pant, you can have various types of cut, much like denim, you can have a slim, a straight leg, and a bell bottom. Each serve a purpose, and each can look amazing.

With a slim and straight leg pant I would do flats or a lower heel, this is the workplace ladies, you don’t want to go too high but you do want to still have a nice heel that is comfortable to walk in. I wouldn’t suggest an open toe shoe, I would keep the piggies hidden. With a matching blazer or just a shirt or blouse, this will be a stunning look for you.

Now for the bell bottom! I actually love this style, but here is the part you will be happy about, since it is a bell bottom, and the bottom will be wide, don’t wear flats. Make sure you are wearing heels, pumps or stilettos, something that will lift you high enough to be able to walk comfortably in them, this may very depending on height. THOUGH if you start wearing crazy high heels, bell bottom pants probably aren’t for you.

  • Bring out the Skirt:

Skirts are great! They look professional whilst adding more of a female touch. If you are going to wear a  skirt keep it between 21-25″ this will end up being either a skirt about the knee or at the knee, being above the knee can be fine and look professional and sexy, But if you are wearing a skirt that is mid-thigh, again that’s a no-no for the workplace ladies, keep it clean and classic. Wear tights underneath, and the same rule applies from the bell bottom, keep your heel between 2-4′. Again pair with a button up shirt or a blouse, with a blazer or without, this will be a sexy professional outfit to make head turns and know your ready for business.

Taken From Mark Anathony Santoro’s Pinterest Board: ‘That Girl’s All Business’.


Great Layering Look! Taken From Mark Anthony Santoro’s Pinterest Board: ‘That Girl’s All Business’.

If you are not a fan of the blazer but want to add another layer to your outfit, try the cardigan. It is one of those items that looks great with a button up shit, and can look professional as well. Keep to the darker colours with the cardigan and show some colour with the shirt, or mix both such as purple and light pink. This is where the fun and creativity can come into play. Also roll your cuffs over the sweater sleeves to show some extra flare.

  • Sweaters:

Another alternative is that you can wear a sweater. Generally most professional clothing stores such as Calvin Klein, will have an option such as this. Call me crazy, but I do think the turtle neck sweaters look great with dress pants. There are many other sweaters you could pair as well, V-neck with a button up, for instance. This is another great way to look profession, add another layer, and be stylish in a professional environment.

Thats all for this week Santorials! Stay Fresh and dress for success!

Mark Anthony Santoro