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The Fitt 30: Episode 7 - Windsor's Karate Kid (w/ Mark Anthony Santoro)

The Fitt 30: Episode 7 – Windsor’s Karate Kid (w/ Mark Anthony Santoro)

If you have been following me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you will already know that I was featured on this weeks episode of Marc Fitt and Matt Waugh’s “The Fitt 30” Podcast. I had a great time speaking with my great friend Matt Waugh and of course with Marc Fitt about my karate past, my old workout routines, my mentality when I worked out and competed at that level to be successful.

For those who are unaware of Marc Fitt and Matt Waugh, what they do, and what their mindset is, here is what you need to know.

Marc Fitt is a Canadian Fitness model out of Montreal Quebec, a personal trainer, sponsored and recognized athlete, public speaker/ personal motivator, international social activist, and the captain of the team that bares his name Team Fitt. Most importantly he’s an inspiration to many, as you can see from his loyal fan base. Just from talking to Marc I knew we had like-minded opinions on motivation, determination, being self-confident, self-improvement, social activism, fitness and the need to have a healthy lifestyle. Not only is he very passionate about his team, answering emails, comments, and podcast questions to help make sure they are meeting their goals, he donates a portion of his profits from his apparel line to a charity that helps less fortunate children around the world, which is truly amazing for him to do. That is one of the topics you can hear us touch upon in the #TF30 podcast. I think the most impressing part about everything Marc does and plans to do is that he is so ambitious and accomplishing a lot for someone so young, he’s only 23 years old, which is a great example of setting goals and reaching those goals no matter what obstacle lie ahead. I wish Marc all the best!

The Fitt 30 series by Marc Fitt and Matt Waugh

The Fitt 30 series by Marc Fitt and Matt Waugh

Matt Waugh is someone who I am really proud of, he is one of my best friends, and one of the most dedicated, hard-working people I have met. Matt has been passionate about fitness for the last 3 years and is just starting to make his name in the fitness scene. He is well known in the Team Fitt community as Marc’s administrator and head writer. Matt is really dedicated to Team Fitt, helping that community by answering email questions along side Marc, joining Marc on The Fitt 30 Podcasts, and he assists in producing content for Marc’s Team Fitt. Matt is currently working on his Personal Trainer Certification through ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) and is furthering his education in school in a course offered at the local college.

The duo are truly a great “fitt” and a force to be reckoned with. To find out more about Marc’s content about fitness visit his site (links below), its like a kid in a candy store for anyone that’s interested in fitness.

Body Magazine Photo Shoot

Body Magazine Photo Shoot

For those of you that don’t know, or are new to Santorial team, before fashion blogging, I competed internationally in Sport Karate for 14 years, the focus of the #TF30 podcast. Though I may not competing in karate today, I believe fashion and fitness go hand-in-hand. Fitness is about helping improve yourself not only physically but mentally too, as Marc and Matt speak upon numerous amounts of times in their podcast, and what us as a trio spoke on in this past session.

I see fashion in the same light, the way you present yourself, the way you dress in the morning helps your confidence which relates directly with your ambition and determination throughout the day, and it all starts at the beginning of your day!

Let’s relate this to a real life event, when you go out on a weekend, no specific event, you always dress up to look your best, you don’t dress in an outfit that you think makes you feel uncomfortable, reason being, you want to be confident.  When you feel like you’re looking good, you have that confidence to go out, have a great day and accomplish your goals and anything else served on your plate. Whether it’s going out, or starting your day going to school, start it off right, and make sure you are dressed for success. I know it’s easy to slip into those sweatpants and feel cozy, but change that mindset, start off on a confident point, and dress yourself to make yourself feel like nothing can stop you! I know if you can do that, it will only start your day off on a positivity high and unleash your confidence to achieve anything you want!

Even when I’m at my home gym, or especially at a local gym I feel much more confident in my ability to reach my goals when I dress with great style for what I am doing!

Mark Anthony Santoro's

Mark Anthony Santoro: Gym Attire

What do I tend to wear when I work out?

Mark Anthony Santoro: Gym Attire

Mark Anthony Santoro: Gym Attire

I love hoodies, I like to really get a sweat going and when I was competing I used to live in hoodies for getting ready and staying warm between divisions. It was great to put the hood on, have my headphones on and get in the zone! I also like motivational quotes on my Tee/ Tank top with some colour, this gets me motivated, because if I’m going to wear something I better live up to it and it also gives some liveliness to your gym outfit, and goes back to what I’ve said before about the colours you wear reflecting your mood! Most of the time I like to wear athletic pants for any chest, back or arm days, and generally leave shorts to when I am running or doing leg days (I think it’s from always training in pants my karate past).

I had such a great time talking and sharing my thoughts with my new friend Marc Fitt and my long time friend Matt Waugh, thank you both for having me on The Fitt 30 podcast, and I invite you all to listen to it and get motivated to work out, dress well, and go chase some dreams!

It was also great to be able to relate with such a like-minded person. Though I speak about fashion and Marc speaks about fitness, its clear that the M’s and F’s aren’t the only similarities we have on determination, motivation, and self-improvement.

If you have any questions after listening to the podcast, comment on the Podcast, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and use the tag #TF30, and if needed I’ll come back on and talk some more with the boys. If you want to hear more from Marc, Matt and I leave a comment on this blog and we will work on providing more collaborations for you!

Make sure you check out the Podcast on Marc Fitt’s Soundcloud or his site and follow both Marc and Matt on their social media!

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Matt Waugh: Instagram, Twitter

Remember Santorials Be Fitt, and Dress Fresh!

Stay Fresh,

Mark Anthony Santoro

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