How to be stylish on a budget!

Hi Santorials!

This week we have something special for you, A NEW COMPANY LAUNCH!

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I have been talking to this new startup company recently about their site launch later this March. The site seems to be a great solution to help with what seems to be a common problem these days; getting designers clothes, accessories, and shoes like Marc Jacobs, at a more affordable price.

Having style and a fashion sense seems to be surfacing back to a more mainstream light, more men/ women are caring about what they wear and care how they present themselves. Actually I see even children starting to be more concerned about what they are wearing and how they are dressing.

This is why I am pleased to be working with this company to inform you of a great way to be “Stylish on a budget!”

The company is (drum roll please) …


Muchness is a startup company out of New York City. The motivation/ mission of Muchness is to help women everywhere buy beautiful designer clothes at affordable prices. Though they want to help women, they also have a lot of clothes for men and children as well, which makes them a great way to find designer prices for everyone. They, like myself, believe in looking and feeling great even on a budget.

Muchness is also an investor backed company, and the founding team comes from a background at MIT, University of Pennsylvania, Saks Fifth Avenue (YES SAKS), and Wall-Street. Which is a great bode of confidence for the Muchness team.

What do they offer?

muchness_0007_filter-dropdownDon’t worry I did the digging. They aggregate all sale items from over 1,000 brands which include names like Marc Jacobs, Burberry, ASOS, TopShop, Theory, Billabong, Burton, Toms, True Religion, just to name a few. Actually there are so many well known, and new brands for you to stumble upon it’s almost overwhelming.  They did a great job creating a breakdown to help find your desired clothing by:

  • First selecting one or many designers
  • Secondly, you pick a store (if you’d like)
  • Then you pick a “category” where it breaks down to the details such as if you want a v-neck or crew neck t-shirt (Just amazing for searching what you want!)
  • After pick the size you are (shoes, shirts, sweaters, pants)
  • & lastly, you can pick a colour

After all these selections are made, the site breaks down your search only showing items that are relevant to your criteria, makes finding what you like from different designers easy!

muchness_0020_people-featuredMuchness also has a “Featured People“. This pages allows users to create their own collections on their profile (with Muchness) and connect with users that also like their collections and share them on each others profile!

WAIT there’s more, they also include flash sale sites like Gilt, and end retailers like Shopbop or Saks Fifth Avenue. Once you find something you like, the site automatically directs you to the end retailers site to checkout!

For my Santorials they have offered an option to get early access and enter the site so you can look around BEFORE THE LAUNCH! The only space you cannot access is the “Featured People” page since they are still making sure everything is ready for the big launch. No worries though, because once you fall in-love with the site you will be able to take full advantage of it all.

Here’s how to gain early access;  follow the early access link I’ve provided, and register.. that’s it, then you’re in!

Santorial VIP Access

So take advantage of the links, and let me know your thoughts by commenting on this post, commenting on Facebook, or shooting me an email. Also, if you want up to date information on Muchness check out their social media pages:

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Stay Fresh Santorials, and enjoy this site as Muchness as possible!

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