Santorial What I Wore!


WE’RE BACK with a What I Wore Today (WIWT) or now What I Wore Wednesday (WIWW) special!

Mark Anthony SantoroWhere’d you get these bro?:

|Blazer – RW&CO | Shirt – Ben Sherman | Wool Tie – H&M | Belt – Guess | Pants – Banana Republic | Shoes – Aldo|

This week I wanted to share with you an outfit I wore because I thought it was a great functional outfit for one of my busier day!

This outfit was great for a variety of different events going on in my day, I went from my internship at FREEDS, to classes, to writing an exam, to coffee with some friends. Blazer was a great look for Internship and classes, then I went with no blazer for the exam and coffee, all looking professional and business casual with a little twist and a touch of personality.

In the morning I decided that one pattern wasn’t enough, so I used the camo print from the pants and the gingham print from the shirt to add uniqueness. Since the camo pants are bigger print, and the colours make it more neutral, it was a great base. The shirt, being a brighter colour of blue, became the focal point for the outfit, now how did I blend it all together without being boring? I used the ox-blood blazer plus the neutral grey (wool) tie to be a blender, tying in the two patterns. These two dark colours act as neutrals balancing out the two patterns and keeping the bright blue of the shirt as the pop of colour. The white shoes also keep to the blending, but also show that the outfit is more casual than dressy and I had them match my belt to again tie the white into the outfit (white was also in the shirt). So this outfit kept me looking ready for business and shows my style, all in one neat collective package!

if you have an outfit you want to share, msg me on FB, TWITTER or IG and I will post my favourite ones!

Stay Fresh & show some Santorial style!

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