Santorial Closet Essentials!

Hey Santorials! 

This week’s topic is some essentials you should have in your arsenal. These are indeed the basics and are important to know or have even if you consider yourself a style professional. You need the basics to be able to support your more complex outfits and they are what you will most likely get the most use out of! Obviously with the different seasons some essentials can be added or be more prominent, but though I love writing, I don’t want you guys reading for 5 days, so let’s get started!

Clothing Colour:

Basically when you’re starting out, or if you’re updating your armoury, you’re going to want to have the basic colours. This is going to be your base and allow for you to experiment with more colour combinations later.

Generally for clothing you want you’re basic colours to be:

  • Navy – neutral colour and matches well with brighter/ stronger colours like red
  • Black – classic shade and matches with essentially everything, the caution should be on over kill, like only wearing black and yellow which can make you look like you’re a bee… Unless you’re into that sort of thing.
  • White – Another classic shade that is essentially foolproof. Again, be cautious of overkill.
  • Grey – The blend between black and white, gives a lighter shade, and again matches with all.
  • Beige – Is a mix between brown and white, providing a difference colour but still neutral in colour, I would generally stick to a brown themed accessories when using beige though, feed off the brown in the colour!


Accessories Colour:

Generally with shoes, jewellery, watches, wallets, bracelets, necklaces & purses/ bags you want to have those accessories that will look good with majority of your outfits.

This is why for basics you should stay within these colours:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Black
  • White
  • Brown

Save all the extra exciting colours as a focal point and let the neutral colours be your accents.

Now lets talk about:

Clothing Essentials!

It would be extremely expensive to buy outfits all together and hope some work with other. + the storage and taking inventory of all your items so you can know what to wear, just doesn’t seem to make sense to me. That’s why I have some essentials that you should have in your closet – that you can build on and need, + get multiple uses out of!

The Girls: 

Writing this for you ladies was a little hard, there are so many variables that go into essentials themselves, that we here tried to limit the collective list to what you should have in your closet.

+ you ladies have way more options than us men do.



So here’s the essentials you should have in your closet:

Cardigan: As I said before, it is a great addition to many outfits casual or dressier. This can be used in many different ways, and many different styles while still looking clean-cut, or even edgy. The cardigan is an ultimate sweater essential for your closet.

Denim (dark wash/ skinny legged or slim fitted): You should have some denim in general, but the dark wash is great because it can be worn out in a more professional or lounge like setting along with in a completely casual setting.


Pencil Skirt

Skirts/ professional suit (pants & blazer)/ Blouses: These are a must, for this day and age we know the importance of interviewing and dressing for an interview. Therefore having a nice blouse, skirt (such as a pencil skirt), and blazer will go a long way in your closet.

Leggings/ Jeggings: Now I know I may take some heat for this one, but I believe leggings are a better alternative to sweatpants, and jeggings are much better than sweat pants, ESPECIALLY if you are a girl who isn’t a fan of the comfort of denim. It also gives you the same denim look! Leggings (not jeggings) also can be worn in a more professional & dressier occasions such as under a dress for a cocktail party.
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Heel/ Flats: I know you love shoe’s ladies (second best friend to diamonds), but having a good pair of flats and pumps makes being able to dress for occasions (and dates) much easier. The heels would be for more formal events, night’s down town, or any dressier occasion. Flats are great because they can be worn for professional wear like interviewing, or casual adventures with friends.


The Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress

That Little Black Dress: Now I was specific about this colour because it’s a classic, the black dress is sexy, mysterious and a must have. It’s not only versatile with accessories that can be used to spice it up (like red), but also will be a staple when going to more formal professional events as well. The dress should not be a gown because this is your basic essential, it should be a dress that is like a cocktail dress but not too provocative, sleeveless could be fine just pair with a cardigan if going to a dinner and lose the cardigan if hitting the town after.



The Boys:

Boys we’re luckily a little easier than the women are. Mainly cause there isn’t as much out there for us. But similar to the ladies here are your essentials for your closet!


Diesel Dark Wash Denim

Dark wash Denim Jeans (modern slim or slim): Denim basically goes with everything, and for the same reason as the ladies the dark wash denim allows for more use in a variety of different outfits for different outings.


Suit Game – Navvy Suit, Black Tie, White Shirt, Black Shoes

Suit Game: You’re suit game must be on. Having a well-tailored suit is THE essential for men, it is something you will either wear for business, interviews,  dinners, anniversaries, and many more special events. This would be the investment piece I put into, keep to your neutral colours at start (classic black, navy, grey), and add from there. Also important with your suit game besides fit, is having a classic white shirt and black tie. They are always in style, and can be used for much more as your arsenal grows.



Cardigan: As said before can be used for an array of different outfits and styles, either blending the other colours/ patterns or just adding another layer.

Polo: Is a great classic that looks great with denim, chinos, dress pants. Polo’s are just a great combination of t-shirt and dress shirt, and can be worn in many different styles as well.

Fitted Shirt (button up): The button up shirts are essential because they show professionalism, they also are very much another layer for your wardrobe, and are a must have in your closet.



DNA Graphic


Sammy Adams (Rapper) – Classic White Tee and Ripped Denim


T-Shirt/ Graphic tee’s: These allow for not looking so formal, worn under a fitted button up shirt and can show a different style without feeling like you are going to church all the time. They are the basic for  any outfit and are a definite in any man’s wardrobe.




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