Suits with Don Cherry

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Since the  NHL is wrapping up, and hockey is one of my favourite sports to watch (I’m really helping the Canadian stereotype here), this weeks topic is about the Canadian legend Don Cherry. He was the coach of the Boston Bruins and now does the halftime show called Coaches Corner for Hockey Night in Canada. This man is known for his knowledge of hockey and something a little more visual… his wacky suits.

So let’s take this week to break down coaches corner and understand his suit game.

The Suit:

Now we know he has the most out of this world patterns for his suits, many of which none of us should ever wear or even try and imitate. But this, much like my outfit in the previous WIWT post,  is the “focal point” of his outfit.


See the outrageous pattern is like the peacocking technique, draws attention heavily and gets people talking and wondering “what will he wear next?” This is great for show biz.


The Shirt:

Of course this is a vital part of the outfit. With almost every suit he wears he has the classic white shirt underneath (which once and awhile can be a complimentary similar colour to the suit). The white shirt is the neutral colour, it blends the whole suit together so he doesn’t clash.

BUT he also adds a little flare in by adding that high neck collar to make his suit look different than everyone else’s. It also is part of his style, shows his generation, and now has become a staple in how people expect him to wear a suit. The amazing part is, he pulls it off well!


Lastly, The Tie:

When pairing his ties he seems to always keep the simplicity rather than  overloading the pattern of his suit with the pattern of his tie. This is something we can all learn from, just because we have a great patterned suit (doesn’t have to be to the extent of Mr. Cherry), doesn’t mean the tie has to be just as extravagant. Sometimes simple is best, and again keeping to one colour palette in the pattern of his flashy suit allows for there to be colour without overpowering the outfit. Don Cherrys’ ability to combine colour and pattern with the white shirt allows for a well balanced outfit. The tie knot is also important to note as well. He keeps a simple knot because of the shallowness of his collar, if it were a wider collar you may want a wider knot such as the Windsor Knot.

Overall Don Cherry is a style pusher in the hockey community and though his suits may not be practical for most events, he shows how even the most ridiculous patterns can be pulled off well with the right style and know how.

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