How to pick the right fitting jeans!

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This week we’re going to be talking about jean selections for men and some helpful tips to consider since jeans are huge in your wardrobe.

Jeans-Street-Hanging-Jeans     Now there’s many different cut of jeans:

  • Slim
  • Modern Slim
  • Straight
  • Flare
  • Wide Leg


Now these are all how the jean will shape to your body. You also have to be concerned with one other thing:

  • Low Rise

The rise is for your waist; a low rise jean is below your natural waist line and may take some time to get used to, but are a good way to show off those oblique v’s.

Now that we know this, how do you choose a jean to your body type?

Well here is my advice.

Mr. Athlete:

If you have an athletic or muscular body type my suggestion for you would be a modern slim cut for your jeans. This will show off your hard earned physique, the difference between slim and modern slim is in the taper from the thighs to the calf. This cut is the middle from a Slim cut/ Straight cut.

Main problem I’ve seen bulkier athletic types run into:

–    Their thighs are too big for the jeans that fit their waist. In this case try a wide legged jean.

Tall and Slim:

If you’re a taller and slimmer fellow, my suggestion would be to stick to a straight cut for your jeans. The reason being that the straight cut will give good balance to your height and body type.



If you’re an average height skinnier person, straight leg cut is the best option for your body type. This will give the illusion of a better defined figure. Avoid wide bottoms, and try out the low rise waist.

Heavier Gents:

I would stay away from flare, slim or modern slim, you want to wear a jean that is comfortable and will balance out your body. Therefore pants I would look to try is a wide leg or straight leg.

Another important point, if one of these cuts are too big or too small, try going to the in-between sizes. For instance in some jeans (depending on the brand) I can range from a 29 waist to a 30 depending on the cut and the time of year. Also you should know your length, many companies will have the shortest cut be 32, leaving room for hemming, take advantage of this if you’re short like me, hemming is usually inexpensive for pants. Also if you are looking for more give, some jeans are made with some polyester to add some flexibility, so ask the sales person or read the label.

Lastly guys when buying jeans do note that they will stretch a bit as you wear them, and you should try avoiding washing your jeans for as long as possible. Unless there’s a stain or they smell don’t wash them, this will keep your jeans lasting longer making the investment in the more expensive brands much more worth it.

Lastly I would like to leave you with some stores I shop at to get my jeans!


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