How to pick your summer sunglasses!

Hey Santorials!

This week we’re going to stay with the “How to pick the right fitting” theme and talk about an accessory that you will use time and time again, sunglasses.

Sunglasses are said to be “unisex” which in some cases they are, but I’m sure many of us can agree they aren’t always.

So how do you pick a sunglass frame that will make you look stylish and stunning?

First thing we need to determine is your “Face Shape”, determining this will then determine what style of glasses you should be wearing.

What type of face do you have?:

  • Round Face – for a Santorial with a rounder face, stick to frames that bring out more sharp angular lines that will help lengthen and make your face look slimmer.
  • Square Face – for a Santorial with a more square face choose a more circular frame, this will balance out your sharper features giving a more even look.
  • Oval Face – For a Santorial with an Oval Face, you’ve lucked out, pretty well every frame will look great! Just don’t overdo the size of your frames hiding those beauty features.
  • Oblong/ Rectangular Face – For Santorials with an Oblong or Rectangular face you are going to want to use a larger or thicker frame glasses, you can also do larger more vintage glasses because of the sharp angles which will make an Oblong face more bold.
  • Diamond Face – A great frame for a Diamond Face Santorial would be to stick with oval or rimless frames, they should NOT be wider than your cheekbones and should have softer featured curves.
  • Heart Face – For a heart faced Santorial try a cat-eyed glasses, for the males keep to the Aviators, or rimless glasses, the roundness of the glasses will give a great balanced look for the women and also a sense of chic retro style.

Now lets talk about different types of frames:

Now remember every brand is going to have their own version and style of these basic frames. So they may not be called by these names but will look similar.

Ray- Ban: Aviators

  1. Aviator – Generally metal frame and dark lenses, made to block the sun from all angles, a good reason why the police and pilots are famous for wearing this type of glasses. This is a classic look that generally looks great on everyone! If you are having troubles deciding these are a great option to have in your arsenal.

    Ray-Ban: Wayfarer

  2. Wayfarer – Another classic frame is the Wayfarer, recently famous from Ray-Ban. They are a boxy  with a thicker frame. Another great go to for most face shapes.

    John Lennon – Tea Shade

  3. Tea- Shades (AKA John Lennon Glasses) – TheTea- Shade glasses are known best from thenever ending style of rocker John Lennon, harder to pull off in this day and age, but still a classic look for the more bolder Santorials. Though this style of frame is making a comeback with a modern twist.

    Oakley – Wrap Around

  4. Wrap Around – These lenses wrap further towards your cheek bones, blocking majority of sun. They are used in sporting and cruising and can be a great style to rock!

    Chanel – Oversized

  5. Oversized – These glasses are made to cover majority of your face, so as the name suggests Santorials they are “oversized” meaning bigger and can be bolder making a statement!

    Oakley – Sports

  6. Sports – These glasses are used for the adventurers, and athletic types. Known for their slick and thinner frames, they are more lightweight, and taper towards the temples. This sort of glasses are for the runners, the bikers, andoutdoorzies. Another great style to fit your personality or the shape of your face.

    Clubmaster – Beyonce

  7. Club Master (AKA Brown Line Glasses) – These glasses have a thick top frame and a skinny lower frame, this style is really coming back this summer and can find them at stores like Ray-Ban. Many celebrities are rocking these types of glasses like up and coming rapper Jake Miller, “Queen B”Beyonce, Harry Styles (One Direction), and many others.

    Ray-Ban: Cat Eye

  8. Cat Eye – Just as the name suggests, they have a “cat-eye” thick frame. Generally for women because of the female vibe they give and generally will have some sort of cat print on them, but can also find plain prints as well. They are a larger sized glasses and are famous originally from stars in the 50’s like Marilyn Monroe.  The Cat Eye frame are great for retro lovers, and Heart Faced Santorials, along with other face shapes as well.

Brands of Sunglasses I like to wear:

  • Emporio Armani
  • Oakley
  • Ray-Ban
  • Spy
  • Polo Ralph Lauren

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Stay Fresh Santorials!

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