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This weeks blogs comes to direct for your summer adventures. This ones for the guys:


Here’s your option (slim pickings but options):

Party Rock!

Speedo: Not every popular in North America, the speedo (if you do n’t know), is very much a brief. Essentially it just covers the family treasures and the rest is all you. I’m not a huge fan of the speedo, but if you can rock it, WHY NOT? If you’re going to be bold enough to wear a speedo you may as we’ll go all out, so I would advise wearing a pattern that’s really eye-catching, a bright bold colour, or a combination. LMFAO always sets a great example.


Billabong – Spinner Print Boardshorts

Board shorts (or Trunks): Very popular, board shorts are essentially water shorts. Again same theory as the speedo I would be wearing bright colours and crazy artistic patterns, this short will show more of the design than the speedo will so I take complete advantage of that! Board shorts are what I like to wear, and I try to make them as eye catching as possible, whether it’s an obnoxiously bright colour or a really detailed design. The difference between board shorts and trunks are the cut. Board shorts are a slimmer fit and have no mesh, where trunks are puffier and have the mesh “guarding”. You will see even board shorts and trunks shortening the length to be around mid-thigh.

Square leg suit: this is the happy medium between the board short and the speedo.This is cut in a conservative way but shows off your legs, if your’e comfortable with this style I say ROCK IT with no regrets.They are similar cut to boxer briefs, so like I said the happy medium, and are becoming more popular this summer. The shorter style reaches a mid to upper thigh length which I know for many is a scary thought. But it looks great and now gives us a chance to show the ladies some quads from all those thigh killing squats ;).

Dude’s shop spot:BillabongQuikSilver NauticaIsland CompanyNaila2(X)IST

DON’T WORRY LADY SANTORIALS, your swimwear post comes to you next week! Be sure to comment with what you think the guys should be wearing this summer.

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