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     In continuation from last weeks blog (Dude’s Swimwear) let’s talk about picking the right bathing suit, how to really make that bathing suit pop, and some places I would look for some fresh bathing suits for women!

Soooo let’s start with……Picking the suit!

Betty’s 🙂

Here’s your options:

Victoria SecretThe infamous Bikini: The bikini, what every 12 year old boy try’s not to stare too hard at when he goes to the beach. This swimsuit is one of the most common, and is what many girls wear. Obviously this is the most revealing of the swimsuits & is a sexy choice.

Now, I love the bikini because it shows your confident in your skin, and is very versatile when it comes it mixing & matching: tops and bottoms, patterns or no patterns, and bright and dark colours. The bikini covers the chest and the bottoms and isn’t joined. I would suggest that this sort of look would look better on the more active lifestyle type of Betty.

For the girls that may want to wear the bikini top but don’t feel as comfortable in the bottoms, try the swim shorts to match! Still can be a sexy surfer kinda look.Victoria Secret

The Tankini (or Two Piece)
This style of swimwear is a great look for you Betty’s that maybe don’t feel as
comfortable showing as much skin or maybe you’re confident but just don’t like the Dudes drooling over you like a steak, or you may just love this style. No matter the reason, this swimsuit will still be a
sexy look for you Betty’s. Work on the pattern/ colour and make it bold! Mix & match your top and bottoms to get some diversity and really make the head turns without having to show too much of the “goods”.

The Monokini (or the Topless Swimsuit):  Now-a-days the  Monokini is very much like a one piece suit with cut out pieces showing the sides of your stomach in the front and leaving the back nude, looking like a bikini. This is a very sexy style of swimsuit to rock on a beach day, but girls watch out for the tan lines that could result!

The “Bay Watch” One Piece: With the amazing different styles and sexy cuts the one piece is not an old lady or a “prudes” bathing suit. Showing select parts of your body is more seductive and way more sexy than you would think! Screenshot 2014-07-25 14.31.19

Betty shop spot:

Victoria Secret

PacSun – houses a lot of skater brands like Roxy.


Vitamin A


Indie Soul

Quick Endnote:

First, when unsure about which colour to pick, stick to the same basics as if you were picking clothes. Black & white (AKA your neutral colours)  are always great colours to go to. But! Don’t cop out, step outside your comfort zone and show some colour ESPECIALLY in the warmer weather, when colour is really ideal and prominent.

Secondly, stay outside and work on that tan. Having a nice tan (not orange or fake looking) will compliment the brighter colours and make them more eye catching.

If you suffer from an inability to tan, but still want to wear colour, stick to the bolder colours instead of the neon or brighter colours that will wash you out. Colours like Red, Royal Blue, Plum, Navy etc.

Lastly, HIT THE GYM! Not much more I can say on that besides you’ll feel WAY more confident in what you’re wearing and you’ll know you’ll be pulling it off well.

For both Dude’s and Betty’s being fit for swimwear season and in general, is your best fashion accessory.

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Stay Fresh Santorials!

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