Dressing for Success

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I wanted to take time to write another post about a subject I love to write about: GETTING MOTIVATED!

I know Mondays can be a drag, it’s the start of another busy week, but I have some things for you to consider as you start this week. Different techniques that can help you start your week on a HIGH NOTE and keep that positive attitude throughout the whole week!

Since dressing fresh is just a part of what helps you feel motivated, we are going to have a five-part motivational  series of blogs.

Here’s a quick taste of what we will talk about in this series of blogs:

  • Dressing for Success
  • Hitting the gym
  • Eating healthy during the day
  • Planning/ organizing your day
  • What I do to stay motivated
    • Listening to motivational speakers/ music
    • Taking time to talk to yourself

Dressing for Success:

Generally when you think you look good, you tend to be more CONFIDENT, even subconsciously, your posture gets straighter, you can look people in the eyes, and you’re more inclined to deal with problems head on, instead of pushing them off for later.

@MarkASantoro - Dress Fresh

@MarkASantoro – Dress Fresh

Why? Because you know you’re looking good and feel ready for anything. It’s like when you have a bad hair day, and everything seems to just go wrong, only the inverse effect where you feel everything will go right.

All it takes is having an idea of what you want to wear or actually planning out what you are going to wear the night before (there you go one less thing for the busy morning). The extra time you’d spend picking an outfit is now time for you to make your morning more calm and allow you to wake up.

It’s really amazing how far this goes to making your Monday’s start much better.

Leaving those sweatpants at home is another way to improve how you feel when attending classes or getting to what needs to be done overall. Though sweats and yoga pants are very comfortable (no arguments at all), they aren’t something that makes you think “Yeah I’m looking good today”. Ditch the sweats, leave them for when you’re home and want lounge around.

Trust me this goes a long way for confidence and starting your monday off ready for the next task at hand.

Next Monday,

we’ll talk about how GOING TO THE GYM helps your daily motivation!

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Stay Fresh Santorials!

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