Hitting the Gym

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The Fitt 30 Series: Episode 7 - Windsor's Karate Kid (w/ Mark Anthony Santoro)

The Fitt 30 Series: Episode 7 – Windsor’s Karate Kid (w/ Mark Anthony Santoro)

This Monday we continue on in the series from Dressing for Success to the second chapter: Hitting the Gym. Both important to helping you stay motivated throughout your week.

I’ve spoken a lot about my past in karate (which is how I know the addiction of sweats and yoga pants) so I won’t go into more detail on this, BUT as I said when featured in the Fitt Talk podcast with Matt Waugh and Marc Fitt , working out allows you to leave everything that happened that day, previous week, or anything that’s bothering you and just focus on YOURSELF. Plus it teaches you to never give up, and push through the struggle. Training your brain that even when you’re fatigued there is NO giving up.

This is GREAT for your confidence and will motivate you to go further and achieve any goal that you have set for yourself. Working out just allows the stress to melt away, and actually helps you stay more alert and productive throughout the week, because you’re not carrying that stress on your shoulder.

Next Monday we’ll talk about Eating healthy during the day

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