Eating Healthy Throughout the Day


Salad: Romaine Lettuce, Almonds, Artichokes, Mushrooms, &  Parmesan CheeseContinuing on our series from last week this motivational Monday topic will be about Eating Healthier Throughout the Day.

Now full disclosure, I don’t diet religiously, but I do carb count generally.  I will go out to eat at least once a week, but I do try to workout every day. I find that when I am eating healthier that I have MUCH MORE energy to keep up with the active lifestyle I like to live.

With that being said, here is some of my dietary suggestions for all you Santorials to help you stay active, stay alert, and be ABLE to keep up with that hectic lifestyle that we are accustom to.

First Off: See a Personal Trainer/ Dietitian

Reason being is to find out how much proteins, carbs, and fat you should be intaking daily for your desired results.

Yes weighing your food can be a pain, yes making meals can be a pain, but I find it’s been easier just to spend a day and pre-make some of the protein (chicken/fish) so its quicker for the days that I feel like I won’t have time.

Secondly: Learn how to substitute your food

Yes having a meal plan is excellent, but if you’re anything like me and enjoy experiencing different cuisines then you need to learn how to substitute the grains, proteins, & veggies to keep to your diet and pass torturing yourself.

Lastly: Make sure you are actually keeping to your diet

Whether in school or in a career, I find that eating 6 times a day allows me to feel comfortable without that overstuffed feeling, and more energized because you are not gorging, you’re pacing yourself like a long distance runner.

Things you’ll need:

 (1) A way to track what you are intaking into your body

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Meal Log

 (2) A food scale

Taylor Bamboo Digital Food Scale – Target (click Image for link)

(3) A professional that can give you help or advice (either a personal trainer/ Dietitian)

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Talk to your personal trainer/ dietitian

(4) Willingness to plan your meals ahead of time if necessary

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Why is eating healthy important to style or fashion?

Mark Anthony SantoroWell being active/ healthy/ fit/ or what ever you like to call it IS important to fashion.


Because it is easier to design for a healthy body than it is for someone who is overweight.

Next Monday we’ll talk about Orchestrating your day for success!

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Stay Fresh Santorials!

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