The Summer Edition!

Hey Santorials!

Here we are again with another edition of the What I Wore Wednesdays (WIWW) Blog.

The outfit we are going to be breaking down comes from a couple of pictures I posted on my Instagram this week.


No more dittle dattling, let’s get to it:

Where’d you get these style guy?

Where’d you get these style guy?

|Vest – RW & Co | Shirt – Guess | Watch – Fossil | Gold Necklace, Black Bracelets, Black Ring & White Shoes – Aldo | Gold Chain – Jewellery | Gold Necklace – Local jewellery store from Italy|

This outfit transpired when my sister and I decided to spend the sunday together before she had to go back home. We went for Starbucks, then to the mall, to Indigo (which is a bookstore for those who may not know), & a few other stores.

I wanted an outfit that would be cool enough to wear in the summer weather, diverse enough to work wherever we were heading, along with satisfying my obsession of that day, which was to wear a button-up shirt.

I decided on denim shorts, since denim typically works with majority of clothing & it’s summer, so the weather is HOT! Meaning layering can get a bit TOASTY & uncomfortable if you don’t properly ventilate your outfit.

MAS Logo

I chose my Guess shirt for two particular reasons:

(1) the shirt is a nice light weight shirt that would be bearable to wear all day.

(2) On this particular shirt, the designers for Guess decided to make a “tie likepattern covering the buttons of the shirt. This simply added an unique touch to the shirt that everyone seems to comment on whenever I wear it.

I then decided that since the shirt & shorts still wasn’t “WOW” enough, I needed to #LayerUp. The undone vest (which is still in a similar colour tone to the denim & the “fake tie” on the shirt) was a great way to stick with the classy button-up “Fakey Tie” shirt but also make it casual looking by leaving some of the shirts & all of the vests buttons undone.

After deciding on an outfit, I then went to accessorize. I’ve taken some inspiration from Johnny Depp’s look recently when thinking about accessorizing with jewellery. This isn’t my first time I’ve accessorize my outfit, though this was the first time I decided to try something completely new for my look and wear 3 necklaces, 2 bracelets, 2 rings & my Fossil watch.

The Accessories WIWW

This look overall is a GREAT example of how to layer in the summer (without overheating), + it was my first attempt at blending all my different styles into my own style.

Now my male Santorials, a necklace, watch, & bracelet should be in your arsenal regardless! ESPECIALLY a couple watches. Accessorizing with jewellery is another way of showing your uniqueness with different outfits, even if that means sometimes wearing no jewellery at all. I think you need a balance of all spectrums, sometimes let the clothing be the accent and other times let the jewellery have the centre of attention.

If you have any questions, concerns, or just want style advice; email me at the address below.

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Stay tuned cause I have a lot in the works!

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Stay fresh & show some Santorial style!

Mark Anthony Santoro