Orchestrating your day for success!


This motivational monday we talk about staying more organized daily in order to accomplish MORE!

2014-09-08 14.43.49I just wanted to remind you all that these motivational monday tips should be used in TANDEM.

This weeks tip really should be motivational step ONE! You have to know what you want to achieve before you can be motivated to do so.

Having a set goal (both short & long) allows for you to have something to work towards. Even as simple as bringing a lunch everyday to work in efforts to eat better. Once you start achieving these goals you will be addicted, & look for more to concur.

This is all about bettering yourself, but it all starts with being confident to help you stay motivated!

How do you organize?

Organization is something I tend to struggle with, I’ve always been the type to just keep going and taking on new “challenges” or new projects. Here are some tips I have to get you back on track to staying organized.

To start I would take one weekend, and go through everything, make a PLAN to what need to be organized (whether it’s your schedule or just your room), find the problem. Then once you know what the problem is, and have a set plan of what you think you can do to solve it then we start.

Here are some APPS that will help you out, mine will be based off IOS, but android carries many of the same apps and if not they have similar ones.


You know that app that isn’t Flappy Birds? the one with numbers that tells you what day it is? That’s a calendar, and what should be your best friend.

I personally use Siri like my personal assistant, EVERYTHING goes in there, including eating so I don’t forget because I am the type of person that is determined to finish what I’ve started, and will skip important things like that.

Another native app you should look into using more frequently is Reminders it’s a to do list on your iPhone, use it too to make sure you are accomplishing those daily, weekly, monthly, and future goals.

Nothing like a good reminder to help keep you motivated.

I also use an APP called Lift. Lift is a social media based app that helps you set goals, and allows you to check them off tracking how many you’ve completed and allows people to like and comment to help on your journey to change. It’s a great app and really kept me on track.

Another APP I use is WorkFlowwy. This APP is like the Reminders app only it can be used on the web, or on your phone, updating and checking what you need to complete and get done with an endless amount of space to make lists for whatever you need. It’s great because you can also use a search feature and hashtag.

For keeping my documents organized I swap between Dropbox and Google Docs. I love them both, very easy to use. I primarily use Google Docs for all my blog work, it has spreadsheets, word docs, presentations & much more you can access. Plus all your documents are in one place and easy to find, you can also create folders to better organize. You can even share with certain people who way you are editing in real-time, and nothing gets completely erased.

For school I tend to use Dropbox, because of the documents you get sent and have to download off the school site, that way if my computer dies or I forgot something I can just sign in and print from there.

Calendars are $6 (proceeds go to the Cancer Foundation) for 2015

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If you DON’T like to use your phone for those reminders, do it the “old fashion way”. Get a calendar & a task pad and write everything you need in them.

TRUST ME when I say these little apps can help when you reorganize your schedule and will help you better use the time in your day.

Just a side note; I use Sundays to review what I accomplished in the week, what I didn’t and where I need to improve in order to reach my future goals. Reviewing, editing, & adjusting is important. It’s not failure, it’s improving yourself and making your next week better. No one is perfect but I’d rather be the one constantly improving, wouldn’t you?



Next Motivational Mondays subject is Cranium Motivation.

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