Montreal(ish) Road Trip (W/ Matt Waugh & Marc Fitt)

Hey Santorials!

This week I have a different post to share. This post is about a little road trip Matt and I took to visit Marc Fitt.

We travelled to Montreal to celebrate Marc’s birthday and the success he’s seen over the last year, which I was very fortunate to be invited to celebrate with him and the rest of Team Fitt.

If you are haven’t heard of Marc Fitt, you can view the last post we did (Stay Fitt, Dress Fresh) along with visiting his website.

BUT, the story begins with Matt and I travelling 9 hours to Montreal. Surprisingly the lengthy trip up went pretty smoothly.

And of course, I had to break down the outfit we were wearing on the way up.

What did I wear on this long adventure?

  • Uniqlo mens jeggings (a must if you want to look like you’re wearing denim and still feel like you’re in your sweats)
  • Buffalo David Bitton long sleeve tee (navy sleeves, grey front)
  • White Aldo Sneakers
  • Guess belt (white and navy)

Matt wore:

  • Jack & Jones grey sweater
  • Maniere De Voir camo pants
  • Tommy Hilfiger black leather belt
  • Converse Chuck Taylor grey shoes

As soon as we arrived, we went to workout (big surprise)! It was one hell of a workout, though. I gave it my all, pushing some of my own limits, being inspired by Marc and Matt. Our Friday came to end just hanging out and catching up.

Saturday was a little more eventful; we got ready for celebrating Marc’s achievement of buying a NEW HOUSE, which was beautiful (but you can see more in his video that will be coming soon)!

On Saturday I rocked:

  • Banana Republic Camo Chinos
  • Calvin Klein White Graphic Tee
  • Aldo shoes (white) and accessories (black)
  • Fossil watch (gun metal)
  • Guess white belt
  • Topman faux leather jacket hoodie

Matt (centerfold) wore:

  • Maniere De Voir black & white rare silk tee 
  • H&M black chinos
  • Converse Chuck Taylor grey shoes
  • Rise Gym Gear Pewter Necklace
  • Tommy Hilfiger black leather belt
  •  Virginstone anchor/rope cord bracelet
  • Team Fitt Signature Band
  • Invicta watch

Marc Fitt (left) wore:

  • Maniere De Voir white Velour T-shirt
  • Maniere De Voir Black Ripped Jeans with Chains
  • Aldo black necklace
  • Puma black shoes
  • Duality +band
  • Team Fitt Inspiration Band
  • Diesel watch

Needless to say we were all dressed fresh, and ready to hit the streets of Montreal!

On Sunday Matt and I were back on the road and everything caught up to us. We left Marc’s sister’s place, and immediately Siri decided to take us on a classic “Mark & Matt Adventure” – we didn’t take a ferry on the way to Montreal, but for some reason unknown to Matt and I, all GPS devices were INSISTENT that we took this ferry.

After many attempts to get them just to take us the way we came, we gave in and followed Siri’s directions, which then told us to continue a way that seemed to be wrong.

So, we entered survival mode and used old school technology (signs) to find our way back to the nation’s capital…

…Which then turned into an adventure for food and the closest Tim Hortons we could find (yes, we were shocked too).

Though once we found the main highway again, the drive turned into smooth sailing with A LOT of air guitar and A LOT rocking out to a wide variety of music, munching on snacks (healthy snacks to be clear to the Team Fitt readers).

Overall it was an amazing time, and the adventure just made this trip more eventful!

It was great to finally meet Marc Fitt and his friends, and a special thank-you to his sister for taking us in for the weekend! =D

If you want to see more about Marc Fitt you can check out my previous blog, visit his website, or follow him on social media.

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