Welcoming Fall

Hey Santorials!

Fall’s here, and to welcome in this season I have a What I Wore Wednesday special.

Mark Anthony Santoro: WIWT

Where’d I get this outfit from?  |Blazer – RW&Co, Shirt – Ben Sherman, Sweater – Tommy Hilfiger, Pants – Calvin Klein, Shoes – Polo Ralph Lauren, Bag – Calvin Klein|

This outfit came together when I was working with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra featuring Chris Hadfield, YES Chris FREAKING Hadfield; the Canadian astronaut, rockstar, author! this past weekend. The constraints were business casual, but I still wanted to be comfortable, since I’d be working and moving around all day.

Here’s the breakdown to WHY I wore each:

Blazer: this allowed for professionalism, along with being a coat. the best part is if I was overdressed (heaven forbid the awkwardness), I could easily bench it.

Shirt and Sweater: What you can’t see under my sweater (or if I was wearing just a blazer) is that my shirt is actually short-sleeved. This one allows for me to be able to move my arms more freely, and two stay warm enough outside to be comfortable but cool enough inside while doing work.

I also used the shirts pattern to add some style to the upper half of my outfit. That way it blends the two stronger colours (navy sweater and white pants), since it has a little of each.

Pants: Yeah yeah, I know, “no white after labour day Mark Anthony.” Well I don’t agree with that ‘fashion rule’ so I don’t abide by it. I think white is a great shade to use, not only for the fact that it’s neutral, but it also looks professional, and brings out a bolder statement in your outfit.

Shoes: I chose navy to be the colour I was going to focus on, so I stayed with the navy sneakers. Again not too formal, but not too casual as well. I think they tied in the outfit well.

Scarf: My reasoning for the grey scarf are two-fold. First reason being practicality, it’s starting to get colder, so time to bundle up. The second reason being style, the scarf I find brings out a more sophisticated look, and since I was at the Symphony I wanted to play off that stereotype.

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Mark Anthony Santoro

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