Why Leather Coats?

Hey Santorials!

Here’s a quick post today for both men and women; about my love for leather.

Mark Anthony Santoro: Leather 1

Why is leather so appealing?

It holds that bad boy status, the type that; rides motorcycles, fly planes like in Top Gun, the adventure rock star type.

Leather can be worn casually or dressed up making it a great staple in your wardrobe!

I want a leather coat in both brown and black so I have variety when working it into my outfits. I’ve also been leaning towards more of a bomber style leather coat this year rather than the one like what I am wearing in my pictures.

Mark Anthony Santoro: Leather

What are some downsides? 

It isn’t the warmest coat/ jacket you can purchase, so don’t plan to wear it on long hikes in the fall, nor is it the cheapest coat you’ll ever buy (unless it was faux).


Just like a suit; leather coats (and clothes for that matter) are an investment. They’re durable, and age well like red wine or scotch that you’ll probably drink whilst rocking it!

The alternatives are faux leather jackets (which I own as well). They look just as great, though are less durable and the difference in quality is clear by touch.

Overall leather is one of those fashion items that really never goes out of style, so it’s definitely worth the investment, this may be a great holiday gift for someone special!

I am also working on a Movember Campaign as well which you can support and donate to by following the link here.

M.A.S Mo Space

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Stay fresh!

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