Casual Layering

Hey Santorials!

This weeks look is a casual look, but features layering.


Where’d you get these style guy? |Denim Jacket – American Eagle, Hoodie – GAP, Shirt – Buffalo David Bitton, T-Shirt – RW&Co, Leather Pants – Northbound Leather, Boots – Aldo|

I posted about layering blog previously (which you can visit here), but it is important to add some layers to your outfit! That’s what separates a great outfit from an okay outfit. Kinda just like eating cake, yeah a single layer cake is good BUT adding that little filling in the middle just makes it that much better.


I  focused on the blues for this outfit, using my grey t-shirt to blend my outfit together. Then the red and blue Buffalo shirt was the focal point.

The military styled boots were great for that urban trendy look, and the leather pants added a different texture, enhancing the overall style to another degree.

M.A.S Mo Space

Also I’m excited to be going to Windsor Express Basketball game tonight! they are having a half time contest to support Movember and I’ve been invited to participate. Should be a lot of fun, and if you’d like to support my Movember initiative you can do so by going to

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Hope you have a great rest of the week, we’re just over the hump!

Stay fresh and dressed for success!

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