All Black Everything

Hey Santorials,

Happy Hump Day, this weeks What I Wore Wednesday focuses on wearing all black!


Where’d these from style guy? | Beanie -H&M, T-Shirt- Tokyo Five, Faux Leather Jacket – TopMan, Belt – Billabong, Hoodie – Armani, Black Jeans – Guess, Boots – Rudsak|

Now normally if you try to match too much it looks like you dressed yourself in the dark. But black is one of those exceptions to the rule. Though I didn’t use strictly black, the white Armani hoodie helped break up the the dark shade. Since white is the exact opposite of black it really helps balance the outfit, for example, a classic black suit, black tie, white shirt, and white pocket square. Black and white look great together and give you just that classic look. Black is one of those shade that you wear all together and it still looks great. So take advantage of it!


I wore this outfit to school, and while I was out running errands for the second photoshoot I did yesterday (which you will see in an upcoming blog). The outfit was warm, comfortable and adaptable for everything I was doing, just an overall great urban look!


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Hope you have a great rest of the week, we’re just over the hump!

Stay fresh and dressed for success!

Mark Anthony Santoro

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