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Hey Santorials

Since it’s looking to be another harsh winter, here are my suggestions for coats this winter season. – So let’s get to it!

There are 3 main looks I am going to give you for this winter season:

  1. Peacoat 
  2. Regular Coat
  3. Casual Jacket

The Peacoat


A must-have in your wardrobe for both men and women. It’s a great for professional, business casual, and preppy looks. If you don’t already own a peacoat I would suggest investing in colours that are neutral. For men those colours would be your blacks, browns, navy’s and greys and for women; blacks, greys, navy’s, brown’s and whites. This will give you options in your outfit and increase the usefulness of your peacoat.

Amber shows this well, while also showing a great colour to have once the essentials are already in your arsenal! Red is one of those vibrant colours that stand out, which is great for an overcoat, but also makes coordinating your outfit a little more difficult.

I got my peacoat at Guess here in the Devonshire mall, a few seasons ago, BUT every time and season I wear this peacoat I get compliments GALORE on it, and the quality had been amazing!

Amber got her peacoat at The Bay in Devonshire, and in the states at Macy’s which a lot of us Windsorites are fortunate to be able to do (go to the states to shop)!

The Second coat I will quickly talk about is a more…..

Regular styled


Coat I purchased from The Bay at Devonshire Mall, it’s Polo Ralph Lauren, and again has withstood the test of time. The coat itself is very simple in nature, and is black so I can match with majority of outfits. The only difference is the length of the coat really, peacoat’s are great because they give that mid-thigh length and have a trench coat-esc feel to them, where this coat is great because yes it can be worn with all outfits such as the peacoat, but is more casual in natural, plus is very warm, and durable. Again this is another option if you don’t like the length men.




Lastly we will talk about more of a….

Casual jacket

IMG_4793 This style of jacket is great because it is becoming more popular to wear with business casual attire, but I would consider them much more casual and look best with your casual outfits. There are many styles, and when investing in one of these jackets, again would suggest a neutral colour if you don’t have another coat that is, but a GREAT neutral colour to look into this season is Olive Green. I love that colour of coat and think it’s a great way to add colour to your outfit, without sticking to the basics.

Another great thing is you can find these jackets at the length of a trench, a peacoat, and a regular jacket. You can also choose styles such as “puffy” or not, detachable hoods, fur/no fur, and they are generally very warm and can be found at many retail stores around town.

These are my coat choices for this Windsor Winter season. Some other places I like to shop or Windsor shop around town are:

  1. FREEDS (our local giant for everything like Macy’s and Reitman’s with prices that match and save you the border charges or duty, Hosting companies such as; Canada Goose, Levis, John Varvatos, Guess, and Buffalo)
  2. Windsor Crossings (they have stores such as Banana Republic, Tommy Hilfiger, and other designers)
  3. BB Branded (hosting companies such as Levi’s & Obey, plus their self branded “WIN CITY” Tee’s)
  4. State Side!

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Until next time, Stay Fresh Windsorite’s and Santorials!

Mark Anthony Santoro